Pureeing vegetables is a simple way to transform produce into a flavorful, satisfying soup. Simply prepare the vegetables, add aromatics and broth or other liquid, and puree to perfection.

Healthy Comfort Food

Pureed soups are some of our favorite weeknight meals to make and a great way to eat veggies. People will tell you the longer you let a soup’s flavors develop, the more delicious it will be. Those people must not have day jobs, so we’re going to tell you for quick and easy (and still flavorful) soups, puree it.

Not only will it taste great, it’ll also give you an excuse to use one of the best kitchen gadgets out there – the immersion blender. Even if you’re not big on gadgets in the kitchen, this is one tool that is a must-have for anyone, because who doesn’t love the beauty and warmth of a pureed soup? Plus, it’s not as bulky as a blender or food processor, so it won’t take up much storage space.

We’ve used our immersion blender for countless pureed soups, so it’s definitely not a twice-a-year tool. If it’s a vegetable, we promise you we’ve tried to puree it into a soup. In other words, pretty much anything goes for making pureed soups.

You can combine different veggies, add beans, use canned tomatoes, and even use up the odds and ends that are in your fridge. You can even make use of the parts of veggies that you might not like to eat, like the stems of broccoli.

Just toss them into the pot, and you’ll have a creamy, luscious soup in minutes. Watch our video below and you’ll discover all the creative ways that you can enjoy pureed soups.

Our final tip: Serve with a couple pieces of toasted bread and some creme fraiche; sip under a blanket while reading your favorite magazine.


How to Make Pureed Vegetable Soups

See how we turn vegetables into creamy goodness in this short technique video.

Practice Your Puree

Now that you’ve learned how to puree vegetables to create delicious soups, try a few of our favorite recipes.

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