Access all of these exciting features
with Cook Smarts:

  • How-to Videos

    Have fun learning different kitchen skills while cooking a delicious meal

  • 1-Click Grocery List

    Buy only what you need, save money and waste less food. Send your list to Instacart for easy grocery delivery

  • Alternative Diet Options

    Every meal includes a gluten-free, paleo or vegetarian option

  • Weight Loss Program Friendly

    Log meals to MyFitnessPal and view Weight Watchers points info

  • Weekend Prep Tips

    Get ahead of your week with our genius weekend planning instructions

  • Custom Serving Sizes

    Easily adjust your meal plan portions according to your household size

  • Smart Ingredient Planning

    Reduce food waste and save money with our carefully planned meals designed for optimal use of ingredient

  • Nutrition Info for Every Meal

    Take control of your health and know exactly what you are eating with our smart nutrition labeling

  • Handy Metric Conversion

    Choose between metric or imperial for any ingredient amount

  • A Thriving Community

    Join our happy community of people just like you who are learning how to cook healthy meals that are full of flavor

  • Access Years of Archives

    Explore 4 years of Cooks Smarts meal plans for inspiration and variety

  • Help Cook Smarts Evolve

    We are committed to making Cook Smarts an amazing experience for all of our members. Contribute your ideas on future innovations here.

  • Eliminate Decision Fatigue

    Reduce the work involved in meal planning, without the expense of using a meal delivery service

  • More Fun With Your Loved Ones

    Get your family chatting about our creative food options and make mealtimes more pleasurable for everyone

  • Be Effortlessly Healthy

    Our meal plans are designed to take care of your health for you, with balanced nutritious meals

  • We Take Care of Meal Times

    Spend the time you'll save on meal planning doing things you love, safe in the knowledge meal times are covered

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