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No one loves meal planning as much as we do

Since our launch in 2013, we've been commited to creating the best experience for our members.

Recipes for Real Life

We create all of our own recipes to ensure that they're doable and accessible. With a Recipe Archives dating back to 2013, there is something for every eater and dinner situation.

Thoughtful and Diverse Menus

When we put together a menu, we consider how to order the meals and how to include ingredient efficiencies to reduce food waste. Plus, we rotate through a variety of cuisines to keep things fresh.

Access to All Diet Options

Mix and match between original, gluten-free, paleo or vegetarian options for every meal, perfect for diet blended families and those who don’t want to commit to a full paleo diet (because sometimes the pasta just looks too good)

For Every Household Size

Customize serving sizes to fit your needs for each meal. You can scale up for lunch leftovers, your freezer stash or those special nights when company’s coming over (lucky guests!).

Searchable Recipe Archive

All members get access to all of our recipes and can easily search by ingredients or filter by tags, like “Budget Friendly” or “Quick and Easy.” You can add any meal from the Archives into any week’s menu.

1-Click Grocery List

Your grocery list magically updates based on your meal, diet and serving size selections for the week. Plus, we organize it by store section to make it even easier for you to get in and out.


And we didn't stop there

We weren't joking when we said we love supporting our members in the kitchen!

Delivery Integration

Send your grocery list to Instacart to save even more time (more partners coming soon).

How-to Videos

Improve your chopping skills with videos integrated right into the recipe steps.

Weekend Prep Tips

Get ahead of your week with our optional weekend prep steps.

Give Us Your Opinion

Ratings and reviews are available for all meals, and we of course read all of the feedback!

Smart Nutrition Info

Dig into your macros with our smart nutritional label or send your meal to MyFitnessPal.

A Thriving Community Prep Tips

Our exclusive Facebook Group is like your own personal cooking hotline.


Your most affordable personal assistant

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