We make home cooking the easy choice

Our goal is to empower your employees to live their healthiest, happiest lives in the kitchen

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How Cook Smarts Supports Your Corporate Wellness Goals

At Cook Smarts, we believe that most people want to cook and eat healthier, but they were just never taught how to

Develop lifelong skills

While providing your employees with healthy recipes is a great start, we believe that the most impactful change is made when they’re also taught the building blocks of cooking

Easy tools that empower

We’ve created tools that close the knowledge gap and take the stress and mystery out of the kitchen, so that creating a home cooked meal can be the easy (and even fun) choice

Our Solutions

We've got the tools to help your employees discover more memories at the dinner table

Our weekly meal plans are more than a collection of recipes

They’re a time, money and food waste saver. Plus, each meal is structured like a mini-cooking lesson

Nourish, our 6 week online cooking program

Our focus on knife skills & cooking concepts helps create a cooking foundation that helps students become less reliant on recipes

Enjoy a library of videos, infographics and PDF downloads

We cover everything from veggie chopping to kitchen organization and our resources can be customized for your corporate wellness site

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