Make Family Meals Easy

With a few parent-endorsed approaches, you can get you and your kids to eat healthy without burning out.

Curb Picky Eating

Take the battle out of dinnertime with tried-and-true tricks from experienced parents.


3 Tips to Curb Picky Eating

Help your kids overcome picky eating with these 3 ways to encourage healthy habits.


Community Tips: Overcoming Picky Eating

Discover the tactics our cooking community uses to help kids become less picky and more open to new foods


10 Strategies for Turning Picky Eaters into Curious Eaters

Learn a wide variety of strategies parents can use to turn picky eating into curious eating.


12 Practical Habits for Raising #KidsWhoEat Well!

Raise your kids to have a healthy and happy relationship with food.


Ruth Garrett: Cooking for Picky Grandkids

From raising grandkids to knowing the best ways to cook tofu, Ruth is a powerhouse we can all learn from.

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Cooking as a Parent

With a good game plan, you can enjoy home-cooking even with a house full of kids running around.


Guide to End Short Order Cooking

Take the stress out of dinnertime.with 6 templates that let kids “personalize” their meals.


How to Include Kids in the Kitchen

The best way to raise healthy eaters is to create opportunities for your kids to participate in the kitchen.


How to Cook with Kids Around

Hear how parents in our cooking community keep their kids happy and safe while they prep and cook.


How to Create a Meal Planning System Before Baby

This 4-step plan will help you get a cooking system in place before the baby comes and the sleepless nights set in!


Easy Meals for New Parents

Stay well-fed while caring for a newborn with easy tips and meals that are perfect for new moms.


How Working Moms and Dads Manage to Cook Dinner Every Night

Busy parents share their secrets for how to get dinner on the table every night.

Feeding Kids

Help your kids grow up healthy and strong with fun foods and balanced nutrition.


Laura Fuentes: School Lunches Made Easy

Learn the best way to plan and pack exciting school lunches for your kids with Laura Fuentes of MOMables.


Tips for Packing a Healthy School Lunch

Packing healthy lunches for your back-to-schoolers can be easy and fun with these savvy tips.


6 Ways to Bring More Fun to Sack Lunches

Learn how to make lunchtime fun and tasty for your kids without too much effort.


The Best Diet for Toddlers with Kacie Barnes

Make sure your toddler gets all the nutrition they need with a balanced, age-specific diet!


Baby Led Weaning: How to Start and What to Avoid

Everything you need to know about starting babies on solids.


5 Tips for School Lunches Your Kids Will Actually Eat

Cook Smarts members share their best back-to-school tips for making better school lunches.


How to Simplify School Lunches

Take the stress out of packing school lunches with 8 tips that make lunchtime a whole lot easier.


A Formula for Healthy, Easy School Lunches

And here is the description: Learn our simple 4-step school lunch formula that makes packing lunches quick and easy.

Making Food Fun

Get ready for fun, laughter, and bonding with a few food adventures your kids are sure to love.


Family Story Cards

Turn family dinners into a bonding experience with fun conversation starters that make meals together all the more meaningful.


Food Scavenger Hunts

Help your kids to learn about foods and ingredients while enjoying a great scavenger hunt escapade!


Top-Chef Inspired Sensory Game

Turn your kids' summer break into a fun-filled learning experience with this foodie game that everyone will enjoy.


Getting to Like Fruit (A Handy Food Chart for Kids!)

Introduce new fruits to your kids and track their progress with our Fruit Discovery Table, a fun activity chart for kids!


Cooking Skills for Kids During Quarantine - Free Activity Sheet!

Help your kids build up their kitchen skills with our free download filled with fun and educational activities.


Educational Games for Kids (Free Food Worksheets!)

Keep your kids entertained, foster their learning, and encourage them to be healthier eaters with these printable activity worksheets.


5 Meals Kids Can Make at Home

Get your kids started in the kitchen with these 5 simple and delicious recipes that kids can cook.


Fun Activities with Math Do Exist! (Free Printable Cooking Math Worksheets)

Practicing math and learning fundamental cooking skills can be fun when you have these foodie worksheets!


Fun Games that Teach Kids about Health, Nutrition, and Food Allergies

Help kids learn all about the important subjects of nutrition and food allergies with this free activity pack!

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