5 Foodie Scavenger Hunts for Kids

In week 2 of our Kids Summer Activity Series, we’re taking your kids food scavenger hunting because what kid doesn’t love a good game of hide and seek?

  • By Jackie Sun
  • May 22, 2017

Last week, we kicked off this series with 4 Food Projects for your kids to enjoy over the summer – making homemade play dough from scratch, adding a personal, colorful touch to tea towels, learning how plants absorb water with the help of rainbow cabbage, and observing which foods mold. Your kids were able to get creative, use their imaginations, and be little scientists.

For this week, our summer kids’ activity will take place outside the home and kitchen. We’re sending you and the kiddos in your life to the farmers market, grocery store and ethnic store with 5 Food Scavenger Hunts that you can download for free here:

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Food Scavenger Hunts for Kids (US)

Let your kids enjoy a fun-filled activity that allows them to learn more about food.

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Food Scavenger Hunts for Kids (Australia)

Get 5 unique scavenger hunts games for your kids to enjoy all year round.

This is a great way for your kids to learn about foods and ingredients, and they’ll get to explore all the aisles of the farmers market and grocery store. Plus, you get to do your grocery shopping for the week at the same time!

We’ve included 5 unique scavenger hunts in this downloadable packet, so that your kids can enjoy more quests throughout the summer.

5 Food Scavenger Hunts

1. farmers market bingo

Because farmers markets contain seasonal produce, we separated this game into 4 seasons. That means you and your kids can learn about seasonal produce year-round! (There is a version for the Northern Hemisphere and one for Australia available.)

2. supermarket doodle

This scavenger hunt not only exercises your kids’ investigative skills, but also their creativity. In this game, they search for items in the grocery store, and when they find it, they draw the item in a box that is provided for you in the download.

3. supermarket challenge

There are questions in this game that your kids can answer to learn more about food ingredients and raise their food IQ. The investigative work required during this hunt will make your kids feel like little detectives!

4. asian market photo scavenger hunt

Enjoy a fun learning experience at the Asian market by discovering unique foods. Because many of these ingredients may be new to your kids, the game encourages them to snap a photo of the item when they find it to better remember and learn about the ingredient. We’ve also included fun facts for each item to increase your kids’ growing food knowledge.

5. latin market photo scavenger hunt

Similar to the Asian market Photo Scavenger Hunt but at the Latin market instead. Both of these games will keep them exploring and thinking!

We hope you and your kids have fun hunting for ingredients at the markets and raising your food IQs! Share photos of them on the hunt on Instagram or Pinterest with hashtag #KidsFood.

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