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With these inspired recipes and formulas, add variety back into your life and make dinner time fabulous again.

Recipe Collections

Try exciting new meals every week without getting bogged down by dinner decisions.


Our Quick and Easy Faves

Make more new meals in no time with this small collection of our many quick and easy dinners.


Quintessential Cook Smarts

Try out some of our favorite dinners that have defined the ease and deliciousness of Cook Smarts over the years.


Make-Ahead Favorites

Stay on top of dinner without it getting boring with these easy make-ahead meals!


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Meal Planning Tips

Smart meal planning is all your family needs to never be bored when dinner time rolls around.


Meal Planning Toolkit

Start living happier, simpler, and smarter in the kitchen with this handy toolkit.


Avoid These Meal Planning Mistakes

Find out the 5 most common meal planning mistakes and easy ways to fix them.


Best Meal Planning Methods for Your Lifestyle

Learn about three different meal planning methods and choose the one that works best for you.


Sign Up for Our Meal Plan Service

Lighten your never-ending to-do list with these dream meal planning features.


The Easiest, Most Flexible Way to Meal Plan

Use these dinner categories for a flexible meal planning framework.


10 Quarantine Cooking Tips to Help Your Family Survive Meals at Home

Our 10 best tips for keeping your family fed when everyone is home ’round-the-clock.

Endless Dinner Ideas

Bring excitement back to your daily meals with a few simple formulas. Endless combos await!


Mix and Match Dinner Template

Get our mix-and-match dinner template and help eliminate that dinner decision fatigue!


The Ultimate Burger Guide + 20 Burger Combos for Every Taste

Get 20 delicious, lip-smacking combos for anytime you need to bring a little excitement back into burgers.


The Ultimate Pizza Guide: How to Assemble and Cook Pizza Like a Pro

Making your own pizza doesn't have to be intimidating with this guide to sauce and topping combos.


Bye to Boring Salad: 50 Creative Salad Recipes You'll Love

Healthy salads don't have to be boring when you have these 50 creative salad recipes!


How to Enjoy Vegetables

Start cooking a wide variety of veggies deliciously and effortlessly every day.


Cooking Formula: Grain Bowls

This grain bowl formula makes it easy to make grain bowls with ingredients you have on hand.


Cooking Formula: Soup

Our simple soup cooking formula teaches how to cook chunky soup without a recipe and with ingredients you have on hand.


Cooking Formula: Ramen

With our simple cooking formula, learn how to easily build a delicious bowl of noodle soup using ingredients you have on hand.

How to Make Poke Bowls at Home (Infographic Guide)

Learn how to make homemade Hawaiian poke bowls with this mix-and-match infographic guide.

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