Good meal planning definitely takes practice, but there are so many good reasons to give it a try.

Eat Healthier

Starting the week with a meal plan means you’ve made a commitment to your health by cooking more.

Save Money

You’re likely to spend 40% more when you grocery shop without a plan. When you’ve written out a plan, you’re effectively setting goals, which means you’re less likely to be tempted by an unhealthier option, like takeout.

Waste Less Food

Instead of just selecting recipes, we help you create a holistic plan that will make efficient use of your ingredients so you’ll have less food waste.

We’ve helped tens of thousands of home cooks improve their lives with our meal plan service and free meal planning tools. We’re so excited to help you get started too so that you can live healthier and happier in the kitchen!

Our Free Meal Planning Toolkit

Our Meal Planning Toolkit is filled with tips, resources, and printable templates for a simpler, happier, and healthier life in the kitchen. In this downloadable guide, you will get:

1. the 5 steps to effective meal planning

These 5 steps cover the most important steps to creating a stress-free meal plan – from reviewing your goals to shopping for ingredients. We also provide tips on how to select recipes for more efficient cooking and less waste.

2. a printable blank calendar template

Making it visual is one of the best ways to effectively meal plan, and planning all your meals on a calendar is a great way to see how many meals you need to make for the week, how many servings, and what dishes to make.

3. a pantry checklist

Keeping your pantry stocked with the essentials means you’re never far from a simple, healthy, and delicious homemade meal. Our printable checklist includes versatile basics you’ll need to cook a wider variety of meals.

4. a printable shopping list

As mentioned above, folks who grocery shop without a plan and a list are likely to spend 40% more. We make it easy for you with our printable shopping list, which is broken down into categories, so you can shop quickly and efficiently.

5. produce shelf life guide

Keep this resource on your fridge for easy reference. Fresh produce is split into 3 time frames so you know which vegetables or fruits to use up first. Get a sneak peek of the infographic here:


Produce Shelf Life Guide

Reduce food waste when you learn how to care for fresh produce.

Meal planning is a life skill that you’ll carry with you forever.

Although good meal planning can take some practice, ultimately it’s a huge time and money saver. More importantly, it can help you live a happier and healthier life.

It’s also something you can outsource for a few dollars a month. You’ll end up saving much more than the cost of the service from less food wasted and last-minute take-out or eating out. Check out our meal plan service, if this is something you’re interested in.

Whether you choose to outsource or give it a go on your own with our free meal plan toolkit, if you prioritize planning, you’ll definitely see your grocery bill go down and the amount of food you toss decrease (those are real dollars being thrown away!).

Food is an incredibly personal thing, so it’s important that you find a service that gets your eating goals and preferences. Whether you do it on your own or work with a service, we’re always here rooting for your health and success in the kitchen!

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