How to Make Poke Bowls at Home (Infographic Guide)

Hawaiian poke bowls are a healthy, delicious, and utterly satisfying dinner — and all the more so if you make your own. Whether you like fish poke or vegan poke, poke with rice or poke with noodles, this mix-and-match infographic will hit the spot. We’ll share tons of options for poke bowl ingredients along with some delectable poke sauce recipes so you’ll have everything you need to make poke bowls at home.

  • By Jess Dang
  • June 29, 2021

Poke shops are all the rage these days. There’s something about watching a poke bowl being built in front of your eyes and choosing each ingredient that goes into it that makes the meal taste all the better when it finally hits your mouth. Whether it’s a salmon poke bowl, a tuna poke bowl, or even a vegan poke bowl, seeing it come together and choosing toppings and a tasty poke sauce builds the anticipation.

But seeing how to make a poke bowl in a shop often sparks a question as well: Can it really be all that hard to make a homemade poke bowl?

As a matter of fact, it isn’t! Making fresh poke is mostly a matter of prepping poke bowl ingredients and making a marinade and dressing. The combinations are endless, and the assembly is quick and easy!

That’s why we put together this downloadable infographic that’s like having multiple poke bowl recipes in one. The infographic allows you to mix and match ingredients based on what you prefer and what you have available to you. Want to make an ahi poke bowl in a simple marinade with a sesame dressing? Done. What about salmon poke in a sriracha miso marinade with ponzu sauce? We’ve got you covered.

What is a Poke Bowl?

But first, let’s back up. What exactly is a poke bowl, anyway?

Poke bowls are a traditional Hawaiian dish that consists of marinated raw fish, usually tuna, served over rice. Sometimes called poke sushi bowls, they often contain similar ingredients to sushi, but are served in bowl form — in other words, rice on bottom, with the fish, vegetables, and other ingredients on top, and finished with a dressing or sauce and garnishes.

As poke bowl recipes have made their way to the mainland, variations have emerged. Some people prefer salad greens instead of rice. Some want to make a raw salmon poke bowl instead of tuna, or they prefer cooked shrimp or even tofu poke. Toppings and dressings have also evolved.

How to Make a Poke Bowl Guide

In this infographic, we’ll share a variety of options for poke bowl bases — from the traditional rice, to greens, to options such as quinoa and zucchini noodles. We’ll also share some options for poke bowl proteins you can use, and a couple of easy marinades. 

We also suggest a variety of other poke bowl ingredients, from raw or ready-to-use toppings such as edamame, avocado, and mango, to toppings that must be roasted, such as butternut squash and broccoli. 

No bowl would be complete without a drizzle of poke bowl sauce on top, so we’ll share our recipes for Sesame Dressing, Spicy Garlic Mayo, and Ponzu Sauce. Finally, garnishes add crunch, spice, and/or color to your finished bowl, and our suggestions include everything from fresh chili slices to masago to nuts. 

This infographic also provides basic instructions for how to prep poke and amounts of each type of ingredient to use, so if you’re ready to get started, get your free How to Make a Poke Bowl Guide by clicking below!


Guide to Making Poke Bowls

Learn how to make homemade poke bowls with this mix-and-match guide.

More Fun Poke Bowl Tips!

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