Learning Is So Much More Exciting When It Involves Food!

Keep your kids learning and experimenting all through the summer with our new #KidsFood series, which we kick off today with 4 creative activities the whole family will enjoy.

  • By Jackie Sun
  • May 15, 2017

With summer coming up, every parent is scrambling to find engaging creative activities that get your kids exploring and learning new things.

Even if you don’t have kids, you probably have friends or family who do. Maybe you know a teacher friend who could use these ideas in next year’s classroom, in which case, please do share!

Or perhaps you want to do these creative food projects yourself. Honestly, we had so much fun testing out these experiments!

Today we’re kicking off this #KidsFood series by unleashing the inner artist and investigator found in all kids with 4 food experiments that will keep everyone entertained this summer.

Learn more about each experiment and get the instructions below. For a couple of these projects, we also provide printables that will make it easy for your little food scientist to observe and take notes.


How to Make Homemade Play Dough with Food Ingredients

Make homemade play dough with your kids for a fun activity, and give it a twist by using food ingredients… Read more.


How to Make Fruit & Veggie Stamped Tea Towels

Add some meaning and color to your kitchen space with food stamped tea towels made by your kids. Read more.


How Do Plants Absorb Water?

Turn your kids into little scientists and teach them what happens when they water plants! Our fun project will allow… Read more.


What Foods Grow Mold?

We’re calling all little scientists for a food mold experiment! With our fun project, your kids will get a first… Read more.

Are you planning on doing all of the experiments? Which of these projects are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

Once you complete these experiments, we’d love to see you share the results with us on Instagram or Pinterest with hashtag #KidsFood.

Next week, we’ll be sharing another new, fun activity that will raise your kids’ food IQ and help burn some of that crazy kid energy that always seems to be in unlimited supply, so stay tuned!

As always, we’re here to help you live your best life in the kitchen and provide delicious memories for you and your family. Join our cooking community by signing up for our newsletter below, and we’ll send you great cooking tips and resources that will help you raise your kitchen IQ and cook with confidence.

Fun Food Projects for Kids via @cooksmarts #foodieprojectsforkids #kidsfood


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