Cooking Skills for Kids During Quarantine – Free Activity Sheet!

This free Cooking Skills Checklist for kids will provide your family with hours of fun activities in the kitchen while building up practical skills for healthy living!

  • By Brittany Yamamoto-Taylor
  • September 22, 2020

While fall is typically a time when schedules settle into a nice routine after summer break, Fall 2020 is a big, glaring exception. With the coronavirus pandemic still in full swing in many places around the world, lots of schools are completely online and some are only physically open in a limited capacity. That means all of those typical activities your kids enjoy like sports, band rehearsal, and other after school programs are now a no-go.

So how are you going to entertain your kids every day after school and on the weekends?

Well, while the hope is that extracurricular activities won’t just get swapped out for hours of additional screen time, we know life may be too stressful to devise a whole new set of educational activities for your kids right now. That’s why we decided to put together some fun worksheets and games to help your family out!

The printable activity we’re excited to share with you today is a learning checklist for kids to gain skills in the kitchen. After all, why not give your children fun activities that ALSO help them explore new interests and gain vital skills that they can use for the rest of their lives?

Our free Cooking Skills Checklist is a worksheet that comes in 3 age group variations and has line items like ‘use measuring spoons’ or ‘learn names of spices’ that correspond to different cooking skill categories. Whether your kids are 4 or 14, our learning checklists will help them with these practical skills:

  • Tangible application of math with measuring and doubling
  • Operation of basic kitchen tools and appliances
  • Knowledge of ingredient vocabulary and meal planning
  • Preparation skills for a variety of ingredients and snacks
  • Basic meal assembly and cooking techniques

Whether you’re simply looking for ways to teach and connect with your children or need structured time when the older siblings are watching the young’uns during quarantine, it’s a great time to download this worksheet that will foster hours of hands-on learning.

Free Download

Cooking Skills Checklist

With these checklists, your kids can proudly check off their cooking accomplishments in the kitchen.

If you like this learning checklist, send it to a friend and stay tuned for more educational worksheets and games we are creating to promote cooking skills for kids! Just join our mailing list below to get new activity sheets as soon as they’re up.


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