Stay Healthy and Feeling Good With 100 Easy Snacks!

Our new eBook of quick healthy snacks will make choosing and preparing snacks for kids and adults alike faster, easier, and more delicious! These are the best snack foods we know, and we’re sharing it all in one digital book.

  • By Jess Dang
  • September 15, 2020

One thing we hear from our members frequently is that while they love how easy Cook Smarts makes dinners (and lunches, if you double up portions), they need more support with snacks. 

We totally get it! We’re all doing a lot more snacking these days. With most of it happening at home instead of at school, at work, or with friends, it can start to get boring to eat the same ol’ snacks week after week. But it’s not always easy to break out of your snacking rut — especially if you’re grocery shopping online rather than perusing the shelves at the store for ideas. 

Most processed snacks are packed full of sugar, salt, or other ingredients we’d prefer to eat in moderation. But who has the time (or interest) to spend hours searching for snack recipes and preparing them – when there are already 3 whole meals each day that need preparation?!

That’s why we decided to make a brand-new ebook full of 100 easy, delicious, and (mostly) healthy snack ideas. The snacks included range from absolutely no-effort snacks that come ready to eat (#10: Pickles), to simple recipes that take just a few quick minutes to prepare (#64: Lemon Garlic Aioli dip for chips or veggie sticks), to ideas to try out when you have a little more time in the kitchen (#86: Bacon-Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers).

Some are specific recipes (#71: Mashed Chickpea Salad), while others are ingredient combos to play around with (#61: Tropical Punch Acai Bowl). It’s designed to give you specific ideas, but also to spark your creativity and help you create more delicious snacks than you ever imagined, whether you have no time at all or can spend some time on prep, and whether you don’t want to do any dishes or don’t mind washing up!

How to Get the eBook

With 100 ideas, ranging from charcuterie platters to healthy sweet treats, you’ll always be well stocked with snacking options. Simply click the button below, and you’ll have immediate access to delicious snack ideas!

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What’s included?

Want to know more about the 100 snacks included in the ebook? Here’s a little snack – I mean sneak – preview to get you started.

No-Effort Snacks

The first section of this ebook covers the easiest snacks of all — ones that require absolutely no effort to prepare! What’s not to love? This includes both store-bought snacks where the preparation has been done for you, and whole food snacks, such as fruits and raw vegetables, where all you have to do is rinse and (maybe) slice. There are also a few “other” whole food snacks that don’t easily fit into the fruit or raw vegetable categories.

This section isn’t intended to offer new ideas so much as to provide a reminder of foods you may forget about in your normal rotation. After all, why go to the effort of prep if you can choose snacks that are ready-to-go out of the box, bag, or produce bin?

Dips and Spreads

From prepared dips you can buy at the store to simple make-ahead dips you can customize to your flavor preferences, this section will help you turn chips, carrots, crackers, or any other dipper into something new and interesting again. Whether you want a no-effort dip that’s ready to go when you buy it, want a super-simple way to make your own dip, or are willing to invest slightly more effort for a complex flavor that rivals any restaurant’s, this section has what you need.

Happy Hour Charcuterie Boards

Mix-and-match charcuterie boards are a fun way to use up small leftover amounts of food, such as ends of cheese, a small amount of nuts, and the last few strawberries in the box. They’re also a great way to make an easy snack feel fun and maybe even a little fancy! In this section, we offer 7 food themes, such as a Mediterranean board and a breakfast-themed board, by dividing ingredients into categories of proteins, fruits / veggies, carbs, dairy, and other. Simply choose a theme, then choose your favorite foods from three or more categories, and you’ll have a charcuterie board all ready for the park, the backyard, or the dining room table!

Breakfast-Inspired Snacks

Everybody loves breakfast! Breakfast for dinner recipes are some of the most popular in our Cook Smarts meal plans, so we thought: Why not breakfast for snack? In this section, you’ll get some ideas for building your own yogurt parfait bar, adding delicious toppings to waffles or pancakes, turning mini bagels or English muffins into a well-balanced snack, blending tasty and healthy smoothie and acai bowls, creating craveable overnight oat variations, and baking our favorite frittatas. Most of these ideas are mix-and-matchable so you can easily sub out ingredients you don’t care for or add in your personal favorites. Whether your breakfast favorites are fruity, nutty, chocolatey, or veggie-filled, we’ve got you covered!

Easy Homemade Snacks

The next section of the eBook is (arguably) the most fun of all! These snacks are homemade, but won’t take long to put together, and you’ll get to choose exactly the flavors that most appeal to you and your family. From topped toasts to no-cook salads, from heat-free pinwheels to quick oven snacks and stovetop favorites, there’s a little something for everyone. Many of these snack foods could be doubled and eaten as lunches, or turned into an appetizer-only dinner with several small-bite options. We’re especially partial to the Roasted Parmesan Edamame, Paleo Spring Roll, Homemade Hot Pockets, and Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats!

Homemade Sweet Treats

Save room for dessert! Our eBook finishes strong with simple, healthy snacks that will satisfy your sweet tooth. We offer 5 flavor combos to build on our basic chia pudding recipe, plus energy ball ideas for a make-ahead snack you can have on hand for weeks. We also suggest baked goods to buy or make, and easy healthy desserts that require minimal prep, minimal ingredients, and minimal cleanup. These ideas prove that dessert can definitely be a snack – and that it doesn’t have to be complicated!

Ready to get the eBook? Click the button above, and be sure to let us know which snacks are your favorite by commenting below or tagging us @cooksmarts on social media!

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