Buying & Storing

The best way to enjoy the most delicious fruits and vegetables is to buy them when they are in season and to properly care for them. In-season produce are at their peak, which means their flavor and appearance… Read more.

Produce Prep Guide

Learn how to easily and efficiently prep produce with our cooking videos and simple recipes, so that you can cook simpler and smarter and eat healthy. Read more.


Sauteing is a quick and simple way to cook produce while keeping lots of flavor and texture. Read more.


Out of all the different cooking methods, stir-frying is the one method we can always rely on for a quick, healthy, and delicious meal. Read more.


The oven is one of the most underutilized tools in the kitchen. While it gets warmed up for baking muffins or cookies, it doesn’t get much action for general everyday mealtime making. However, roasting veggies in the oven… Read more.


Grilling vegetables is a simple, elegant way to prepare vegetables and highlight their natural flavors. Use this method whether the veggies are the main event or just a side dish. Read more.


Salads are an easy way to enjoy veggies. Get creative with salad ideas for every season and learn how to make homemade vinaigrettes and mason jar salads. Read more.

Pureeing for Soups

Pureeing vegetables is a simple way to transform produce into a flavorful, satisfying soup. Simply prepare the vegetables, add aromatics and broth or other liquid, and puree to perfection. Read more.

Guide to Enjoying Veggies

Once you master how to prep produce, all you need to learn is how to cook these veggies, so that you can enjoy a simple, healthy, and delicious meal. Different cooking methods can change the flavor and texture… Read more.

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