Searing and roasting is one of our favorite protein cooking formula combinations. Searing creates a caramelized, golden outside while roasting yields juicy, evenly-cooked meat.

Cook From the Outside In

Searing starts off like sauteing, where you heat the oil in a shallow pan and add the ingredients. The difference is that with searing, your goal is to brown the outside of the food until it’s got a gorgeous, caramelized crust, which gives the dish a delicious flavor and nice color, and then you continue cooking the food with another cooking method, such as grilling, braising, roasting, or baking. Try our sear-and-roast methods with chicken and lamb:


How to Sear and Roast Meat

Searing meats gives them a golden-caramelized color and then finishing it with a roast in the oven allows meat to cook evenly - see how to do it here.


How to Prep and Roast a Rack of Lamb

Don't think of rack of lamb as just fancy restaurant food. See how easy it is to make even for a weeknight dinner!

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