Our meal plan service makes losing weight easy, cheap, and delicious. With simple, accessible tools and resources, we help you make reaching and maintaining a healthy weight a new way of life.

Millions of people want to be healthy, but struggle to lose weight and achieve their lifestyle goals. Whether you are seeking to lose 20 pounds, shed extra weight without exercise, or simply get healthier, Cook Smarts can help. We provide weekly meal plans that can help you lose weight naturally while saving time, spending less, and keeping dinners delicious.

How to Lose Weight with Our Meal Plans

While advice on how to lose weight fast or how apple cider vinegar can help is all over the internet, Cook Smarts helps you engage a lifestyle, not a fad. We provide essential features that help you not only lose weight, but lose weight permanently. The bonus? You’ll feel good about what you put into your body, and you’ll be eating such delicious meals, you won’t believe you’re shedding pounds while eating so good.

Smart Nutrition Label

With every recipe on our meal plans, we provide you with advanced nutrition facts. Our labeling allows you to see exactly which ingredients are giving you which fats, carbs, proteins, etc., so that you can make simple cuts or adjustments to tailor the meals to your health goals. Here’s how it works:


Nutrition Info for Cook Smarts Meal Plans (Short Version)

Our nutrition label is extra smart to help you improve your nutrition knowledge.


Our meal plan menus integrate directly with the largest nutrition and calorie database. MyFitnessPal is a free website and mobile app that helps you take control of your diet by making food tracking quick and easy.

Weight Watchers Points

Included in every recipe are Weight Watchers Smart Points and Points Plus, perfect for those who are part of the Weight Watchers program.

Portion Control

The portions a healthy person should be eating are almost always smaller than what you are given when you eat out. However, we make sure to craft every meal to portion sizes that are recommended by the USDA. As you continue to follow our meal plans, you’ll become more aware of proper portion sizes and will be able to control your food amounts better.

Delectable Variety

We send you 4 versions (Original, Paleo, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian) of every recipe so you never get bored and feel the need to splurge. With the flexibility to go from 2 weeks of Paleo meals to a mix of GF and original dinners, you can choose what you want to eat to lose weight. You will never be stuck in a dinner rut when you cook with us.

Brian’s Success Story

One of the reasons our members love us at Cook Smarts is that we make losing weight easier than most diet plans, while also helping keep the pounds off.

Brian discovered Cook Smarts after examining his eating habits and setting a goal to get healthier. Through our meal plans and MyFitnessPal, Brian lost 110 lbs and has maintained his new weight for over a year! Read about his impressive weight loss journey here.

“At first, I did not realize how valuable Cook Smarts would be to losing the weight. Cooking healthy, wholesome, home-cooked meals instead of eating out or having processed food around all the time really helped build healthy eating habits in our home.”

– Brian P.

Meal Plan Perks for Weight Loss

A meal plan service like Cook Smarts doesn’t only save you money at $6-$8 / month, it also gives you significantly more options and flexibility than meal delivery kits and makes everything easier than tracking down online recipes.

Save Time

We save you hours each week by planning your meals, generating a grocery list, and helping count calories for you. With the hours you’ll save, you can add in another day at the gym or some nice long walks.

Save Money

We help you put dinner on the table at an average of only $4 per meal. Maintaining a healthy weight shouldn’t be about money, so we help you lose weight on a budget. (Which frees up funds for that gym membership!)

Enjoy Flexibility

We allow you to customize serving sizes and make ingredient substitutions so you can accommodate allergies or lower your fat or carb intake at will.

Change Your Lifestyle with Ease

We support you in making a lifestyle change. Simply being on a meal plan will help maintain weight loss as you eat out less, reduce intake of processed foods, learn exactly what you are putting in your body, spend 30-60 minutes actively on your feet preparing dinner, and form new healthy food cravings and habits.

Join a Community

We provide a private Kitchen Hero Facebook community where you can share goals, tips, questions, challenges, and victories with people who are on similar health journeys.

Get Started with Free Weight Loss Resources

Whether you’re ready to subscribe to our meal plan service now or prefer to try meal planning on your own first, we’ve got a bunch of free resources that can help you achieve your health goals.

Free Recipe Book

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Guide to Enjoying Vegetables

Here's your guide on how you can fill your diet with a whole variety of vegetables.


Guide to Stir-Frying

This guide to stir-frying teaches the basics of this quick and healthy cooking method.


50 Simple Salads for Every Season

Create homemade dressings and experience a variety of salads all year long.


Guide to Vegetarian Protein Sources

Get your daily requirement of protein with a variety of vegetarian protein sources, which usually contain more fiber and cost less than animal protein sources.

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