Sticking to the Paleo diet doesn’t have to be hard. We’ll give you all the tools you need to make Paleo cooking affordable and delicious!

The Paleo Diet Made Easy

The Paleo diet may sound hard, but Cook Smarts makes it easy on your wallet, delicious on your taste buds, and simple for switching between Paleo and other diets whenever you want!

The perks of a Paleo diet

Many people go Paleo because they want to invest in better nutrition and health. By removing processed foods and additives from daily meals, many experience an increase in energy and weight loss (particularly when they keep starches and natural sugars in check). For some who eat a lot of packaged foods, the Paleo diet has been a good detoxification alternative as well.

Well-balanced Paleo recipes at your fingertips

We answer more questions regarding the Paleo diet below, but in a nutshell, when you cook and eat Paleo, you eliminate ingredients like grains, legumes, dairy, refined sugars, and processed foods. That may sound like a lot, but with our meal plan recipes, you won’t be missing any of these non-Paleo foods! We carefully craft each recipe so that each dish is filling, satisfying, and meets your nutritional needs. Most importantly, we do all the planning, so you don’t have to worry about what you can or cannot eat.

Here are just a few of the dinners you’ll find on our Paleo meal plan service!

Eating Paleo on a budget

If you look at the prices of health foods and Paleo meal delivery kits, it may seem like eating healthy is expensive. But it doesn’t have to be! With an average meal costing only $4, Cook Smarts makes Paleo cooking extremely affordable whether you’re cooking for one or for a whole family.

“I’ve always had the misconception that a Paleo lifestyle was expensive and the ingredients were always hard to find. Cook Smarts proved to me that I can make 16 meals (servings) a week for the low price of about $60 and ONE SINGLE TRIP to the grocery store.”

– Kitchen Hero Brodie M.

Kitchen Hero Success Stories

While some of our meal plan members started cooking with us to make their Paleo lifestyles easier, others have used our Paleo meal plans to reach their health goals.

One of our members, Brodie, wasn’t seeing many results from working out, so with the help of our Paleo meal plans, he was able to eat healthy, feel energized, and keep up with his active lifestyle.

Another of our members, Jessica, loves how healthy she feels when she follows our Paleo recipes and has even lost 30 lbs from eating healthier! Although she mostly cooks Paleo, the flexibility of our meal plans allows Jessica to cook from our other meal plan versions as well, which has given her daughter the opportunity to try new dishes and become an adventurous eater.


Brodie: Taking the Paleo Leap

To keep up with his active lifestyle, Kitchen Hero Brodie overcame his cooking struggles and began a paleo diet to… Read more.

“Being a CrossFit athlete, I have chosen to follow Cook Smarts’ Paleo menus to help me see physical results and to perform better during training . . . Cook Smarts always provides recipes that are packed with flavor and creativity, that I look forward to trying out every day.”

– Brodie M.


Jessica: Paleo Planner Extraordinaire

Discover Jessica’s great cooking plan that helps her put Paleo meals on the table while raising her daughter to be… Read more.

“I’ve found that the Cook Smarts Paleo recipes consistently use fresh ingredients, are nutritious, and offer a wonderful variety of flavors.”

– Jessica J.

Benefits of a Paleo Meal Plan

Our meal plan service doesn’t only save you money, it also supports you in a way that meal delivery kits don’t.

Save time

We save you hours every week by giving you a tried-and-true meal plan and grocery list every week.

Enjoy flexibility

We allow you to customize serving sizes, make ingredient substitutions, and access hundreds of easy Paleo recipes in our archives.

Take a Paleo break when you need it

We give you 4 versions (Original, Paleo, Gluten-Free, and Vegetarian) of every recipe so you can eat Paleo exactly when you want. With Cook Smarts, you can do a 100% Paleo diet some weeks and then mix and match recipe versions other weeks to find the perfect balance for your body and lifestyle.

Join a community

We provide a community. Cook Smarts is one of the best Paleo meal plans that doesn’t only help you effortlessly go Paleo, but also lets you enter a supportive Facebook community of people who want to cook healthy meals every week, too.

Get Started with Paleo Resources

If you’re ready to subscribe to our meal plan service now, that’s great! But if you rather meal plan on your own first, here are some of our helpful guides that make switching over to a Paleo diet a breeze.


Cook Smarts’ Guide to Paleo Substitutions

Need to swap out an ingredient for a delicious Paleo-friendly option? This Paleo Substitutions Guide shows you what to eat,… Read more.


Create a Smarter (Paleo, Gluten-Free, or Vegetarian) Pantry

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Paleo Diet FAQs

1. What is the Paleo diet?

A Paleo diet is modeled after what early humans of the Paleolithic era used to eat before the practice of harvesting grains, refining sugars, and adding artificial preservatives. It is comprised of non-processed fats, animal proteins, vegetables, fruits, and complex carbohydrates.

2. What are the do’s and don’ts of the Paleo diet?

Enjoy: meats, seafood, vegetables, low-sugar fruits, most nuts, and healthy oils like coconut, olive, avocado

Eliminate: grains, legumes, dairy, added / refined sugars, vegetable and hydrogenated oils, potatoes, peanuts and all processed foods

3. What are the health benefits of eating Paleo?

By removing processed foods and additives, many people experience an increase in energy and weight loss. For those who eat a lot of packaged foods and refined sugars, a Paleo diet can be a good detoxification alternative. Paleo meals also have some of the key elements of an anti-inflammation diet and diabetes diet.

4. What if I cheat on a Paleo Diet?

It all depends on your goals. If you want to go fully Paleo, then it is best to stick to the diet for at least 30 days to let your taste buds adjust and your body form new habits. Cook Smarts allows you to easily throw in a non-Paleo meal whenever you want, as well as choose to ease into eating Paleo by using a mix of non-Paleo and Paleo recipes every week.

The important thing is to listen to your body when you take a free day. Do you feel sluggish? Can you not do it in moderation? Do you now crave every processed food in sight? If so, find the right balance that still keeps you in control of your health and diet.

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