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As requested by our members, Whole30 compliant meals coming for the month of January!

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Control your ingredients and spend way less on groceries

Receive a delicious meal plan every week. Select the meals you want to make and add any meal from our delicious archives.

Enjoy endless meal possibilities

Customize your grocery list based on your preferences. Save yourself a trip to the store by sending your grocery list directly to Instacart.

Control your ingredients

Each meal has a gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian diet option so you can choose how you want to eat on any given night.

Flexibility in what you eat

Log meals to MyFitnessPal, view Weight Watchers points, or dig into the smart nutritional label included with every meal.

Smart nutrition tools

"This week I spent less on three meals of four servings each than I did for half that many servings from Blue Apron, and my husband commented on how much better the meals taste. I love that I can scale a meal up or down depending on our needs and that there is great flexibility."

Elizabeth R.

We create more than meal plans. We create happier cooks.

"I was looking at various meal kit companies but couldn’t find a way to control for my kid’s peanut allergy. Then I stumbled on Cook Smarts. I love the fact that I get to control the ingredients and make changes and substitutions. Plus, meal kits don’t help me avoid the grocery store and there is so much packaging waste! Cook Smarts is an easy win!"

Amanda N.

"I found Cook Smarts while looking for Blue Apron type services in my area. I’m so happy I stumbled across it because it’s changed my life. I tell everyone I know about it, and I’ve bought plans for my family members. It’s a great service. I don’t know what I’d do without it!"

Laura C.

"What I love about Cook Smarts is being able to sub out ingredients. If there's a steak meal that looks awesome, we'll get steak for my boyfriend and a tuna steak for me. Let's see Blue Apron do that!"

Leila K.

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life easier for you

Gain confidence

Each meal offers a mini cooking lesson with cooking tips and video tutorials. Become a better cook while making dinner.

Get ahead with prep

Genius weekend prep suggestions help you get organized and make the rest of the week a total breeze.

Meet your dinner tribe

Our Facebook group is the cooking hotline, dinner tribe, kitchen cheerleading team that everyone deserves to have in their lives.

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  • Every meal includes a gluten-free, paleo, or vegetarian option
  • Customize serving sizes to fit your needs for each meal
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  • Your grocery list magically updates from your selections
  • Send your grocery list directly to Instacart to save even more time
  • Improve your skills while you make dinner with integrated videos
  • Leave ratings and reviews and read the helpful reviews of others
  • Send your meal to MyFitnessPal or get Weight Watchers Points
  • Dig deeper into your macros with our smart nutritional label
  • Get ahead of your week with our optional weekend prep steps
  • Our exclusive Facebook Group is like your own personal cooking hotline
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We give these Kitchen Heroes superpowers in the kitchen

Superdad Brian has used Cook Smarts to completely transform his lifestyle over the last few years. He's down 110 lbs and has more energy for his daughter, work, and working out.

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Gayla exposes her family to new flavors and spends more time with her kids while still getting dinner on the table even with the demands of after school activities. 

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Our meal plans helps Brodie keep a paleo diet without breaking the bank. See how easy learning to cook and starting a healthy lifestyle is with our weekly menus.

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