Shelves may be lined with a variety of gluten-free foods nowadays, but how hard is it to cook gluten-free? Our simple gluten-free meal plans make it easy to navigate the world of going gluten-free.

Making Gluten-Free Easy and Delicious

Recently, gluten-free labels have popped up on everything from instant mac and cheese to restaurant menus. It’s become easier and easier to shop gluten-free, but making a weekly meal plan that omits all gluten can still take hours out of the day. That’s why we’re here to help!

Is it hard to eat gluten-free?

Going gluten-free doesn’t mean saying goodbye to pizza and birthday cake. There are thousands of good GF products and recipes out there, and with our meal plan service, you can enjoy a variety of gluten-free dinners that are healthy and satisfying.

In the Cook Smarts kitchens, we create delicious weekly gluten-free menus that let you know exactly what you are putting in your body. We want to make a gluten-free diet easy while still enjoying your favorite dinners and flavors.

Choose from a variety of delicious gluten-free recipes

If you’ve been stuck in a dinner rut, eating the same meals over and over again, let us help out in the kitchen! Say goodbye to boring, repeat meals – every week, our meal planners come up with new and delicious gluten-free recipes that will make gluten-free cooking and eating a whole lot easier and more enjoyable.

Here are some gluten-free dinners that have been on our meal plans:

Kitchen Hero Success Stories

Not all of our meal plan members who cook our gluten-free recipes have to eliminate gluten due to health concerns. In fact, some folks will choose to cook gluten-free some nights, whether to eat less gluten or to switch things up, since our meal plans give you the option of cooking Original, Gluten-Free, Paleo, and Vegetarian.

For some of the home cooks in our community, they simply want to be able to cook gluten-free meals for their family or friends who eat GF. One of our long-time members, Emily, learned that her sister was diagnosed with celiac disease, and being able to cook gluten-free meals for her and learn more about gluten-free foods has given Emily the chance to connect with her sister in a new meaningful way.


Emily: Living a Balanced & Healthy Life

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“Being able to cook a gluten-free meal for my family and explore the growing world of gluten-free and Paleo options has been the greatest adventure, one that I can now easily navigate with my sister.”

– Emily B.

More Than Just Gluten-Free Recipes

A meal plan service like Cook Smarts isn’t just about sending you gluten-free recipes. We aim to teach you how to cook, so that you can enjoy more healthy, homemade dinners without ever having to spend countless hours finding the “right” recipes. We also offer more options and flexibility than meal delivery kits, and help you save time and money in the kitchen.

What Cook Smarts does for you:

  • Saves you hours of time every week by delivering a meal plan and grocery list to you every week
  • Allows you to change serving sizes to accommodate any dinner party or plan for leftovers
  • Gives an Original, Gluten-Free, Paleo and Vegetarian version of every recipe so a wheat-free eater can decide to go Paleo for two weeks or combine our recipes to make a meal gluten-free and vegetarian whenever they want
  • Enables you to easily substitute ingredients to make any meal gluten-free and dairy-free, Whole30, etc.
  • Lets you access hundreds of easy recipes (in every version!) from our archives
  • Provides a private Kitchen Hero Facebook community where you can meet other gluten-free members and share ideas, tips, questions, challenges, and victories

Get Started with Gluten-Free Resources

Whether you’re ready to subscribe to our meal plan service now or try your hand at meal planning on your own first, we’ve got a bunch of gluten-free resources that will teach you all about gluten-free cooking and foods.

Gluten is not only in plain sight with pastas and breads, it is also hidden in all kinds of common foods, from soy sauce to couscous. It even masquerades under the guise of “natural flavors” and “modified food starch.” With our gluten-free resources, you’ll never accidentally eat gluten again!


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Gluten-Free Diet FAQs

1. What is gluten?

Gluten comes from the Latin word “glue” and is commonly used as thickeners and stabilizers, giving foods a chewy or elastic consistency. It is made of up storage proteins found in wheat, barley, rye, certain oats, and grain hybrids (such as spelt, khorasan, emmer, einkorn, triticale, kamut, malt, etc.).

2. What are the do’s and don’ts of a gluten-free diet?

  • Do check all labels before you buy a product that isn’t labeled “gluten free”
  • Do enjoy any gluten-free foods (meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, nuts, oils, chocolate)
  • Don’t eat wheat, barley, or rye products
  • Don’t assume a food is gluten-free – gluten hides under all kinds of names like “natural flavors” and “modified food starch.” Print out a list of all known gluten substances and take it to the store with you!

3. Are there any health benefits to eating gluten-free?

There is a health benefit for anyone suffering with celiac disease, non-celiac gluten sensitivity, gluten ataxia, dermatitis herpetiformis, and wheat allergy. Many people with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) have also reported that a GF diet helped them. Omitting all gluten is also a part of an anti-inflammation diet which has been reported to people with a wide range of disorders and diseases, like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

4. Will I lose weight on a gluten-free diet?

While there isn’t necessarily a direct cause and effect between gluten and weight, many people do lose weight when they go gluten-free. Omitting gluten can allow people with a gluten sensitivity to shed extra pounds and helps others slim down by avoiding many processed foods that have gluten (and usually sugar).

5. Are there risks for going gluten-free?

It is always important to make sure you get enough vitamins and dietary fiber on a daily basis. Vitamins have been added to many grains in the U.S. and whole wheat is a common fiber source, so cutting them could result in deficiencies if you don’t add sources of vitamins and fiber to your meals. Luckily, vitamins and dietary fiber are plentiful in fresh produce, non-gluten grains, and quality supplements.

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