Practical Gift Ideas for Any Season

Show off your love for Cook Smarts with our new t-shirts and tote bags, or give the gift of dinner memories with our meal plans. Our Shop is filled with fun and practical items that make perfect gifts for the holidays.

  • By Jackie Sun
  • November 20, 2017

As you may have noticed, we have a lot of fun putting together our annual holiday gift guide. It’s a time for us to window shop for all the useful kitchen tools that can help you and your gift recipients cook with ease.

Our 2017 Holiday Gift Guide will be here in December (sign up for our newsletter below to be the first to hear about it!), but we wanted to put together this gift guide first for any of you early shoppers out there and for those of you who are putting together your Wish List.

So without further ado . . . we present to you our Cook Smarts Gift Guide!


Cook Smarts Holiday Gift Guide

Show off your love for Cook Smarts with our Shop's infographics, tote bags, and t-shirts, or give the gift of dinner memories with our meal plans.

#VeggieLove Tote Bags

These new tote bags are an awesome way to show the world your love for veggies and healthy eating. Choose from colorful totes featuring broccoli, turnips, carrots, bell peppers, tomatoes, Swiss chard, beets, or radishes. Or go big and bold with our off-white Swiss chard, beet, and broccoli totes.

These sturdy tote bags come in three sizes and are perfect for bringing along with you to the grocery store or farmers market. (The small size is handy for little helpers!)

Don’t see your favorite vegetable here? Let us know in the comments below what your favorite veggie is, and we will consider it for our next release!

Cook Smarts Kid T-shirts & Onesies

In addition to our #VeggieLove tote bags, we have also designed a couple of new shirts just for our littlest Kitchen Heroes.

We love it when we hear our community talk about how their kids help out in the kitchen, or how our meal plans have helped them try new foods. So in honor of our adventurous little eaters, we’ve created these Cook Smarts Kids t-shirts and onesies!

2018 Wall Calendar

For a gift that anyone will love, check out our new 2018 wall calendar. It’s perfect for keeping track of your schedule and staying organized, and it’ll also raise your kitchen IQ! The calendar contains 13 of our most popular infographics, so you get a mini cooking lesson every month. Check out our top 4 favorite things about this calendar here.

Classic Cook Smarts Merch

The items listed above are our newest additions to our Shop, but if you’re looking for something simpler, our classic collection of Cook Smarts tees, onesies, tote bags, and mugs will fit the bill.

They make great gifts for the Kitchen Hero in your life – check out Nicole modeling the t-shirt in her kitchen after making more than 200 Cook Smarts meals, Brodie sporting the white tee at a crossfit competition, and Heather was a “Cook Smarts admin” for Halloween! 😉

Whether you’re buying our merch as a gift for someone or for yourself (because you deserve a gift, too, with all the hard work you put in the kitchen!), take a photo and tag us with #cooksmartslove to show off your new swag!

Cook Smarts Meal Plan Subscription

For your gift recipients who prefer not to have tangible items, our meal plan service is the most practical and useful kitchen gift.

Our meal plans are created to be healthful, flexible, and simple. They reduce stress in the kitchen, make cooking a whole lot easier, and the video tutorials improve your cooking skills. Perfect for folks who are looking to get out of their dinner rut, eat healthier, and cook with more confidence. You can purchase a gift subscription here.

For even more holiday cheer, we are now offering 30% off any meal plan subscription with code JOYFULEATS. Offer ends Tue, 12/5.

Guide to Veggies Tote Bag

This “it bag” is designed for the veggie lover. It’s sturdy, it’s practical, AND it looks great! This tote bag features our popular infographic, Guide to Enjoying Veggies. Every time we go to the grocery store with this bag in tow, we get lots of compliments!

Use this handy bag to tote your fresh produce from the farmers market or grocery store. The infographic printed on the bag will also allow you to see which veggies are currently in season and the best way to prepare / cook them.

Infographic Prints & Posters

For all your foodie friends and family members who love to cook, you can purchase our infographic guides as art prints. They really brighten up the home with a fun pop of color, and they make fantastic reference guides when you’re in the kitchen.

The infographic prints currently available are:

  • Guide to Flavoring with Spices – a comprehensive guide on cooking with spices; includes the best pairings with produce, meats, dishes, and other spices; great for folks who want to put their spice cabinet to good use or for those who love cooking different cuisines
  • Kids in the Kitchen – fun ideas on ways to involve kids with cooking, so they can build their appreciation and knowledge for food; perfect for parents and teachers
  • Guide to Flavor Profiles – a guide to basic flavor profiles and how to balance and enhance these flavors in your cooking; great for all home cooks learning to build a solid cooking foundation
  • How to Make a Mason Jar Salad – a colorful how-to for this popular, transportable meal; good for those who want to eat healthier, even when they are busy and on-the-go!
  • Vegetables by Month and Fruits by Month – ensures you’re buying produce at their peak for the best flavors; for the foodies and folks who enjoy cooking with the best that nature has to offer and like saving some money while they’re at it! (Australian Veggies by Month and Fruits by Month prints also available for your friends from Down Under)
  • Guide to Enjoying Vegetables – like the tote bag above but in print form; for home cooks who want to try out a variety of ways to enjoy veggies. See how it looks in Jess’ new kitchen office nook here:
  • Guide to Flavoring with Fresh Herbs – everything you need to know about how to store and cook fresh herbs; includes produce, meat, and dish pairings; great for anyone who wants to add more flavor and freshness to their cooking
  • Guide to Repurposing Leftovers – creative ways to get more life out of your leftovers; perfect for anyone who wants to reduce food waste and save more money
  • Cooking Formula for a Simple Vinaigrette – a guide to making your own vinaigrettes at home; for folks who enjoy cooking and eating healthier
  • 5 Sauces to Jazz Up Your Meals – a variety of 5 recipes that will transform any bland and boring dish to something flavorful; great for home cooks who want to flavor like a pro and improve their cooking
  • Guide to Aromatics – a guide on how to create flavorful foundations; great for anyone who wants to learn more about cooking and trying a variety of cuisines
  • Guide to Stir-Frying – teaches you the basic stir-fry cooking formula, so you can make all the stir-fries you want without consulting a recipe! Great for home cooks who love cooking and eating healthy without all the fuss.

Has any of these items made it to your Wish List yet? Leave us a comment below to let us know which one you have *heart eyes* for!

What we love about these gift ideas is that they aren’t limited to a specific holiday. They can be given to loved ones any time of the year – for birthdays, graduations, or even just to say, “Hey, I appreciate you!”

Enjoy the holidays, and remember – part 2 of our holiday gift guide will be here in a few weeks, so sign up for our newsletter below to receive it directly in your inbox!

Cook Smarts 2018 Infographic Wall CalendarCook Smarts 2018 Infographic Wall CalendarCook Smarts 2018 Infographic Wall CalendarCook Smarts 2018 Infographic Wall CalendarCook Smarts Holiday Gift GuideCook Smarts #VeggieLove Tote Bags


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