Peppers and Salsas Cooking Guide

Learn about a variety of peppers and how to turn them into salsas, so that you can add a burst of fresh flavor to your homemade meals.

How a Low-FODMAP Diet Works

Learn more about the low-FODMAP diet and what foods to enjoy and avoid with our guide!

Guide to Gluten-Free Foods & Substitutes

Our substitution guide makes it easy to cook delicious gluten-free meals with ease and no worries.

Guide to Marinating Like a Pro

Add flavor to proteins and vegetables with our How to Marinate infographic, which includes tips, times, and 5 versatile marinade recipes.

Guide to the Ketogenic Diet

Learn about the ketogenic diet, the process of ketosis, and what foods to eat and avoid in this infographic guide.

The Cook Smarts Story: Celebrating 5 Years of Happier Dinners

Our meal plan service is now 5 years old, and it's all because of our supportive community! Learn more about our story with this infographic.

Guide to Paleo Substitutes

This Paleo ingredient substitutions guide shows you what to use when you need delicious Paleo-friendly foods.

Kitchen Maintenance Guide

A handy infographic that tells you what kitchen appliances and areas to clean, how to do it and how often to repeat the process.

Cooking Ingredient Substitutions Guide

When you can't find an ingredient or want to use what you have in your kitchen, our substitution guide will help you make an easy and tasty swap!

Guide to Quick-Cooking Ingredients

Discover which vegetables, proteins, and grains to cook with when you need to get dinner on the table in under 15 minutes.

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