How to Make the Best Smoothies

Enjoy a sweet yet healthy start to your day with the best smoothie recipes, a smart smoothie formula, and our favorite combos for a quick and easy breakfast!

  • By Jess Smith
  • March 7, 2019

Instead of a donut or Danish, try a healthy breakfast of fruit, yogurt, and even some veggies! Our smoothie recipes and formula provide a convenient way to get your morning fiber, vitamins, protein, and beneficial fat, while still making it out the door with a fast breakfast in hand.

As you know, not all breakfasts are created equal. Some items (think sugary cereals, bagels with gobs of cream cheese, waffles drowning in syrup) don’t have a lot of substance and aren’t very good for you, even if they are convenient.

Luckily, we have fresh ideas for a breakfast favorite that is both convenient and will fuel you up with the nutrients your body needs – smoothies!

Making a smoothie is one of the best and fastest ways to start your busy day with a healthy dose of fruits and veggies.

Best of all, you can whip up smoothies in the morning in only a matter of minutes and enjoy them on the run. To help you get your day off to the right start, we’ve brought together tons of great smoothie ideas and 4 of our favorite recipes in one recipe book, which you can download for free below, so you can prep in advance and make your best smoothie creation yet!

A Smoothie-Ready Freezer

One of the greatest things about frozen smoothie ingredients is that you can keep everything you need in your freezer for a fast breakfast that is almost entirely prepped ahead. All you have to do is divide fruits and vegetables into single portions and freeze them in individual ziploc bags.

Getting your freezer smoothie-ready is also a good time to use up any fresh produce before it goes bad. Almost any produce can be used for smoothies, including greens like kale and spinach, fruit like apples and pears, and vegetables like carrots and celery.

And when those bananas on your counter turn too ripe to eat, peel and toss them in a freezer bag for a future smoothie. Bananas are the all-around smoothie workhorse, providing a base and creamy thickness to just about any flavor combination.

A smoothie-ready freezer is your secret weapon for healthy mornings!

Get our free download below for our list of unique flavor combo ideas and ingredients you can easily freeze to add to your morning smoothie.

Free Download

Make-Ahead Smoothie Recipes

Make your mornings smooth with 4 healthy, delicious smoothie recipes.

Tools for Great Smoothies

For great veggie or fruit smoothie breakfasts, all you really need is a reliable blender. Make sure it can handle ice and frozen produce so you can pull your ingredients out of the freezer and toss them directly in the blender.

Ice cube trays can also come in handy for storing smoothie ingredients. Freeze liquids like juice, milk, and tea in ice cube trays and transfer them to freezer bags when solid. Those frozen cubes will add big boosts of flavor to your smoothie and help your breakfast come together fast.

Not Just for Breakfast

Although we think smoothies are a great way to start your day (and they are!), they’re too good to relegate only to the mornings. To get past the afternoon lull, skip the vending machine and opt for a nutrient-packed smoothie instead.

One of our 4 smoothie recipes included in our free download is our Peanut Butter Oat Smoothie. This smoothie is packed with protein and nutritious natural ingredients, but has just enough sweetness to taste like a real treat at any time of the day. It stores great in the fridge, so blend it up in the evening and take it with you to work the next day.

Here’s to getting your mornings off to a healthy and smooth start! What is your favorite smoothie combo? Let us know in the comments, so we can add to our repertoire of delicious, healthy smoothie breakfasts!

A little note:

This blog post was originally published in September 2015 and has been updated with new and helpful resources.

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How to Make the Best Smoothies | Cook SmartsHow to Make the Best Smoothies | Cook Smarts

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