Food waste is becoming a big problem in America.

The average American family throws away over $2,000 worth of food every year. Food waste is not just bad for our pocket books, it’s also bad for the earth.

In 2012, 70,000,000,000 lbs of food ended up in landfill in the US. It’s hard to grasp how saving your tub of guacamole from the trash can make a dent in that number, but if every family tossed a little less, we could collectively make a difference.

You can get started with these 6 simple tips:


6 Tips on How to Reduce Food Waste

Get tips on reducing food waste to help save money and the Earth's resources with this video.

Easy Ways to Reduce Food Waste via @cooksmarts

Do Your Part to Waste Less Food

Reducing food waste can be simple and incorporated into your daily life. We’ve created 3 resources that will help you easily put the tips from the video above into action.

Download our 3 Most Popular Resources for Free

Kick off your reduce food waste efforts in your own kitchen with this helpful download that you can print out and hang in your kitchen for referencing. We’ve included our top 3 resources in 1 download to make it easy for you to start wasting less food.

1. produce shelf Life guide

Our Produce Shelf Life Guide teaches you how to properly store fresh produce so that you know exactly when to use them.


Produce Shelf Life Guide

Reduce food waste when you learn how to care for fresh produce.


This colorful guide provides creative ideas on how to turn boring leftovers into delicious, new dishes, so that you can enjoy eating leftovers instead of relegating them to the trash. From tacos to pastas to curries, we got you covered so you’ll never get bored!


Guide to Using Leftovers & Leftover Ingredients

Get more life out of your leftovers, so that you can reduce food waste and save more money.

3. guide to frozen food storage

Freeze ingredients and cooked meals that you won’t get to before they spoil with the help of our Frozen Food Storage Guide, an all-in-one guide on how to properly store food in the freezer.


Guide to Frozen Food Storage

Everything you need to know about how to properly store food in your freezer.

Small Steps, Big Changes

It might not seem like much to properly store food and repurpose leftovers, but these small steps count, and you can start by printing out our free guide!

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