How to Start Meal Prepping and Keep it Going All Year

If you’ve never gotten the hang of fast meal prep or if one of your 2020 goals is to figure out how to cook more every week, we have the solution you’ve been looking for!

  • By Jess Dang
  • January 30, 2020

Today we are interviewing Ms. Erin Romeo, who is a nutrition coach, expert meal planner, and food prep specialist from Ontario, Canada. She’s known on Instagram as the @foodprepprincess, and that’s also where she shares her tips and tricks for healthy eating through meal prepping. Last fall, she published her first cookbook “The Visual Guide to Meal Prep,” full of easy meal prep recipes and her 5 step fool-proof plan for getting started with meal prep. She has also been featured on,, The Kitchn, Buzzfeed, Brit + Co, just to name a few media sites. Today, we are so excited to be featuring her on our podcast!

I asked Erin to come on the podcast because I know that meal prepping is one of those habits that everybody knows is good to do, but it feels hard to get started. As a nutritional coach Erin has been working with clients for 10 years and helping them get over that hump by showing them how to meal prep and make it an integral part of their life and routine.

So in today’s episode, you’ll hear Erin’s tips for:

  1. Getting started with meal prep
  2. Why you should meal prep even if you don’t like eating leftovers
  3. How to stay motivated and make it a habit

If you’ve been wanting to start a meal prep routine for awhile but just need a bit of help getting started, then this episode is for you!


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How to Start Meal Prepping with Erin Romeo aka foodprepprincess | In the Kitchen with Cook Smarts PodcastHow to Start Meal Prepping with Erin Romeo aka foodprepprincess | In the Kitchen with Cook Smarts PodcastHow to Start Meal Prepping with Erin Romeo aka foodprepprincess | In the Kitchen with Cook Smarts Podcast


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