How to Prep Calzones

How to Prep Calzones

  • By Jess Dang
  • October 16, 2014

How to prep calzones #cookingvideo by @cooksmarts
Calzones are a wonderful Italian creation.

They’ve got a crispy exterior, followed by a soft doughiness, and then oozing melty cheese and whatever yummy fillings you desire in the middle.

And they don’t just have to be creations of pizza parlors. You can easily make your own calzones at home using some store bought dough (or for the bakers out there, just use your favorite pizza dough recipe – and share it with us in the comments, please!).

Calzones were on a recent game day themed meal plan menu, and they were such a huge hit with our members, we wanted to share how to make them with everyone.

Our latest video shows you just how easy it is to prep your own calzones at home!

If you have trouble working your pizza dough, the video below can help:

Lastly, no calzone is complete without a homemade marinara sauce. Our 5 Essential Sauces post has a great and simple marinara sauce recipe.

We work incredibly hard to put together this info for you, so please help us out by spreading the smarts – thanks!

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