One Easy Tip to Reduce Food Waste

Reducing food waste can be simple and incorporated into your cooking routine. Our easy tip requires just a little bit of thought and an infographic guide to help you get into the habit of wasting less food.

I wish I could say I’ve solved the food waste problem in my kitchen, but I haven’t. It’s something I’m constantly working on and while I may never get to zero waste, I’ll keep on trying.

There are lots of reasons to minimize food waste.

On the most micro level, wasting less food = wasting less of your hard-earned money. A 2012 study by the National Resources Defense Council estimates that the average US family throws away ~$2,200 worth of food a year – getting to keep more of that $2K is something we can all understand and appreciate.

From a macro level, a reduction in food waste = less landfill = less greenhouse gas in the environment. In 2012, 70,000,000,000 lbs of food ended up in landfill in the US. It’s hard to grasp how saving your tub of guacamole from the trash can make a dent in that number, but if every family tossed a little less, we could collectively make a difference.

So, let’s give it a try together.

April is the perfect time to focus our #ReduceFoodWaste efforts because it’s Earth month. But the best part about the tips we’ll be providing over the next few weeks is that these tips can be applied everyday, whenever you cook and plan dinner, and not just limited to one month in the year.

It’s that easy to waste less.

Once you get into the habit of wasting less food, it’ll be a part of your cooking process.

Our #ReduceFoodWaste tip today will likely reduce the bulk of your food waste and takes just a bit of thought: Cook and eat more perishable veggies first. Tweet this tip

Hearty ingredients like carrots, potatoes, or butternut squash can be saved for the end of the week, whereas more delicate veggies like chard and tomatoes should be used up earlier to prevent spoiling (and thus, wasting).

To help you sort out the shelf-life of most veggies, we’ve updated our Produce Shelf Life Guide, which is perfect for printing, laminating and putting onto your fridge – just like how Lifehacker did it here!


Produce Shelf Life Guide

Reduce food waste when you learn how to care for fresh produce.

bonus tip:

When shopping, buy veggies from all 3 categories so that you only have to shop once for the week, which will save you tons o’ time.

Thanks for reading this and doing your part to reduce food waste. We’d love to see you using our tips and guides in your kitchen and sharing them too!


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