Cook Smarts’ Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Gifts for Every Home Cook

.@cooksmarts Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Gifts for Every Home Cook #holidaygiftguide
It was hard to top our colorful holiday gift guide from 2013, but we’ve come up with a whole new set of awesome gifts for every home cook in your life.

Unlike a lot of kitchen gifts, we promise these ideas will get a lot of use by your lucky gift recipient. They’re guaranteed to think of your kindness throughout the year as they use these gifts to make their life in the kitchen more organized, efficient, colorful, and smart!

.@cooksmarts Holiday Gift Guide: Kitchen Gifts for Every Home Cook #holidaygiftguide

Kitchen gifts to help you stay organized via @cooksmarts #holidaygiftguide

1. Tablet Stand | ~$30, Buy on Amazon
This tablet stand is perfect for the modern home cook. They can prep and cook with digitized recipes at their fingertips. Best part: they can do it without getting their screen dirty because this stand comes with a stylus for smudge-free navigation. (BTW, did you know our meal plan service is very tablet friendly?)

2. Collapsible Prep Bowls | ~$15, Buy on Amazon
This colorful set of prep bowls collapse to help save space when they’re not being used to organize all your perfectly chopped ingredients. We love that they come with covers, so pre-prepped ingredients can be easily stored. Add some color and organization to someone’s dinner prep routine!

3. Menu Magnet | ~$20, Buy on Amazon
This is a great gift for the home cook that needs the motivation to start meal planning or someone who already is a consistent meal planner. This magnetized chalkboard is perfect for displaying the week’s menu so everyone in the family can see ‘What’s for dinner?’ and get hungry!

Kitchen gifts to help you cook simpler via @cooksmarts #holidaygiftguide

4. Vegetable Spiralizer | ~$35, Buy on Amazon
2014 was definitely the year of the Paleo Diet. Of all the paleo tricks and modifications, this is our fave: noodle-fying veggies. This spiralizer is a fun must-have tool in any Paleo-aspiring kitchen, or it’s just a great way to eat more veggies, and we can always use more of that.

5. Non-Stick Wok | ~$40, Buy on Amazon
Help someone eat healthier with this roomy non-stick wok. This tool is perfect for quick weeknight one-pan stir-fries. Plus, it’s easy to clean!

6. 14 Cup Food Processor | ~$180, Buy on Amazon (List Price, $325)
This was a featured prize in our last set of giveaways. I love it for its larger size – it’s got plenty of room for prepping veggies (great for grating and slicing), creating delicious sauces, and blending the filling for veggie patties. It’s a bit pricey but it’ll pay for itself in no time. Or use Square Cash to pool money together for a group gift.

7. Programmable Slow Cooker | ~$60, Buy on Amazon (List Price, $89.99)
I’m looking to upgrade my slow cooker and this is the model I’ve got my eye on. I love that you can use the same pot for searing meats and then slow cooking them. Aside from just saving you from washing another pot, you can also program it, which means no longer getting up in the middle of the night to shut off your slow cooker!

8. Wonderbag’s Non-Electric Slow Cooker | ~$50, Buy on Amazon
This gift isn’t just practical, but it’s also a feel-good buy. This Wonderbag slow cooks without electricity (yes, really!). Plus, for every Wonderbag purchased, one is donated to a needy family in Africa where electricity can be hard to come by. I just love products that combine design, function, and social good.

Kitchen gifts to help you add some color via @cooksmarts #holidaygiftguide

9. Colorful Dinner Plates | ~$15, Buy set of 4 on Target
Winter food isn’t necessarily the most colorful, so brighten up dinner with these Ikat print dinner plates. This set of 4 creates a delightful palette for all your palate’s desires!

10. Shanghai Noodle Bowls | ~$30, Buy set of 4 on Cost Plus World Market
If you use our meal plan service, you know that comforting Asian soupy noodle dishes are some of our most popular meals. I think those meals are more fun served in deep, bottomless bowls – who says you can’t create your own Asian restaurant at home?

11. Colorful Apron | ~$40, Buy on Anthropologie
Help your favorite fashionista feel stylish while whipping up dinner. I love this colorful print from Anthropologie, but you can also consider getting a personalized apron from a site like Custom Ink (they make our t-shirts and have amazing customer service).

12. Truck-Shaped Taco Holder | ~$12, Buy on Amazon
Who needs a McDonald’s Happy Meal when you can create your own happy meal at home with these whimsical taco holders? Such a creative little gift for your friends with kids.

13. BPA-Free Bento Lunch Box | ~$15, Buy on Amazon (List Price, $29.99)
Help someone save a little money and eat healthier in 2015 with this super functional but colorful bento lunch box. I love that it’s got several compartments, including one to store flatware, and it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. Score!

Kitchen gifts to help you create a smarter kitchen via @cooksmarts #holidaygiftguide

Framed Infographic | Price starts at ~$11 for just prints, Buy on RedBubble
Help someone save a little money and eat healthier in 2015 with this super functional but colorful bento lunch box. I love that it’s got several compartments, including one to store flatware, and it’s microwave and dishwasher safe. Score!

Ruhlman’s Twenty | ~$25, Buy on Amazon
I am a huge fan of cookbooks that don’t just give you recipes but actually teach you how to cook. Ruhlman’s Twenty is one of the best ones I’ve seen come out in the last few years and will make such a great gift for new cooks who are looking to build skills in the kitchen.

Penzey’s Spices | Spices start at ~$3.00, Buy on Penzey’s
Help someone add more spice to their kitchen in 2015. Penzey’s has a huge spice catalog. We recently featured a set of 6 spice blends for a giveaway prize – this set would make such a great little gift for the budding chef.

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