How to cook pasta like an Italian

  • By Jess Dang
  • August 13, 2013

How to make pasta like an Italian

As someone running a lean start-up, I never seem to find the time to pitch the content that I’m creating, so I’m always pleasantly surprised when it turns up in a media outlet without a pitch. Last week I received a Google alert that the the Huffington Post had featured something from us, and it turned out to be our “Tips for How to Cook Pasta Like an Italian” video. It was definitely the surprise of my week, and I thought if it was good enough for the HuffPost, it was definitely good enough for me to share on my own blog.

Below is the video I created to remind me of the delicious pasta I’ve enjoyed on my trips to Italy with the tips summed up below!

  1. Salt water like the ocean before adding pasta.
    This is one of two opportunities you have to get some flavor into the pasta so use it!
  2. Make a brown butter sauce.
    Browning butter makes a nutty and fragrant sauce. You don’t need a lot; a little makes a huge difference.
  3. Transfer pasta into pan containing sauce 1 minute before it’s finished.
    This is the second opportunity you have to get even more flavor into the pasta. By finishing it with the sauce, you give it more time to cook in the sauce. If it’s already fully cooked, then it’ll just get soggy in the sauce.
  4. Ladle pasta water into your sauce.
    The starchiness from the pasta and the salt you flavored it with help to form a luscious sauce.
  5. Finish pasta with some lemon juice.
    Acid provides contract and brightens up the other flavors. Trust me.


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