How to Make a Fall Mason Jar Salad

Make a tasty transition from summer to fall with a fresh, crisp, and comforting meal that is quick to make and easy to transport.

  • By Jackie Sun
  • September 25, 2016

Fall has just arrived (first day of fall was on Thursday, to be exact), and as much as we love summer, we’ve been looking forward to all the slow cooker recipes, soups, and other comforting foods we’ll be enjoying as the temperature starts to dip.

We’re also excited about all the fall produce that is now in season – hardy root vegetables, pumpkins, butternut squash, brussels sprouts . . . too many to list! (If you want to know all the veggies that are currently in season, check out our Vegetables by Month chart, which you can download for free.

But before we jump into slow cooking, we’re thinking about gradually easing ourselves into the autumn season. After all, we’re still experiencing warm weather here and still enjoying the late-summer produce. And we’ve got a way to get a delicious, healthy taste of both seasons – a fall mason jar salad!

A fall salad is the perfect transition from summer to fall – crisp and refreshing, but also comforting and filling.

The kids are back in school already, and you’re back in the game of packing lunches and cooking dinners by a certain time. A mason jar salad will remove some of the stress of, “What should I pack for lunch this week?”

We’ll show you how to make one of our favorite fall salads for a satisfying lunch, and we’ll teach you how to assemble them in a mason jar the night before work or school, so that you have one less thing to worry about in the morning.

We like to pack roasted root vegetables and cooked lentils into our favorite fall salad to add bulk. These things are great to be made ahead of time as well. Even more bonus points if they are leftover from last night’s dinner! Roasting a big batch of veggies and using for two different meals is such a huge time saver.

Watch how easy it is to assemble a fall mason jar salad with our video:


How to Make a Fall Mason Jar Salad

Discover how fun and easy it is to assemble a mason jar salad with the best of fall's ingredients!

If you want more ideas for fall salad combos, we’ve got 12 tasty ideas for you to try out (#10 is another one of our favorites!), so that you’ll always have a healthy, delicious lunch on hand.

Check out our Simple Salads for Every Season infographic below and use our tips in our Mason Jar Salad infographic to put together homemade lunches that you can take anywhere you go . . . and that will also inspire lunch envy, of course.


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How to Make a Mason Jar Salad

Take a simple, healthy meal anywhere you go with our how-to on mason jar salads.

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How to Make a Fall Mason Jar Salad | Cook SmartsHow to Make a Fall Mason Jar Salad | Cook Smarts


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