Your Kids Will Love These 3 Earth Day Activities (So Will the Planet)

Looking for easy Earth Day activities you can do at home? These stay at home Earth Day activities are perfect for families or classrooms to enjoy while learning how to take care of the planet together!

  • By Brittany Yamamoto-Taylor
  • April 13, 2021

There are so many fun and easy Earth Day activities for kids, and with the pandemic still significantly affecting people all around the world, we are excited to bring you some safe, stay at home activities that the whole family can get in on. 

Whether average home learning activities are usually met with enthusiasm or groans in your household, our Earth Day activity pack is a bit different than the norm. Our activities are less about plain knowledge and more about helping kids (and adults!) get excited about engaging with everyday, eco-friendly practices that can make a big difference.

How do we do this? We integrate art and games into the learning process. That means that instead of your kids spending 20 minutes coloring a page, they can actually make choices about the next steps of engagement.

So, let’s dive into what’s included in our stay at home Earth Day activities . . .

1. Make the Most Out of Takeout Containers

So many of our favorite takeout foods come in plastic containers, and I’m sure you already know that plastic is bad for our planet. That’s why this coloring sheet isn’t simply about coloring — it helps your kids or students learn great ways to repurpose or recycle 3 types of disposable containers. They’ll get to color the food in containers, as well as the containers being properly recycled or repurposed and decorated for storing toys and craft supplies

If you want to learn more about plastic and how to reduce it in your home, you can go here and share some of the information with your kids or students as you discuss plastic containers.

2. Color and Plant Your Own Garden

Did you know that gardening is great for the body, mind, and the planet? Our vegetable bed coloring sheets let kids choose which veggies and herbs to grow in their “garden” and where to plant them. You can also help youngsters with basic internet search skills by doing a quick search to see common colors for each plant and learn more about them!

3. Help the Earth Bingo

This interactive Bingo coloring board will get kids, students, and adults involved in easy, eco-friendly practices that can have a huge impact! Each of the 25 squares has a different activity like “a meat-free day,” “eat seasonal produce,” and “get a potted herb.” But don’t get overwhelmed — you only need to help your kids complete 5 squares to get Bingo and you can do it all in a week or spread the activities out over a month.

A great thing about this activity sheet is that it doesn’t only double as a coloring sheet and a game, it also helps parents out by occupying their kids time (with options like making cloth napkins) and encourages responsibility for chores (with options like watering plants or using leftover veggies to help cook a stir-fry). Another perk is that kids can play with the board again and again! Just print off another sheet or simply use magnets to mark off boxes that were already colored in a previous game.

So, if you are ready to get our set of easy Earth Day activities to do at home, simple click the button above to download the free pack.

And if you know any families that could use some stay at home Earth Day activities, don’t forget to forward this post on to them! You can also get some of our other free resources and games to make food fun right here.

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