My 2015 Wish for You

  • By Jess Dang
  • December 30, 2014

In 2015, I'll #eatmoreveggies with the help of @cooksmarts

Regardless of what holiday you celebrate, I hope you’ve had an incredible holiday season.

As we wrap up the year, here’s my new year’s wish for you: I hope at the end of 2015, you write me an email that says: Jess . . .

    1. I ate more veggies this year than ever before! My skin is glowing, I have so much more energy (and I even lost some weight!) OR
    2. I cooked [ insert vegetable(s) ] for the first time in 2015, loved it, and have been cooking it all the time! OR
    3. I got my kid to finally try, eat, and love [ insert vegetable(s) ].

Mega bonus if your email includes more than one of these above statements.

And since I selfishly want to receive A LOT of these emails, I’ve got lots of suggestions on how we can turn this wish into a real thing that happens in your life.

First, check out the ‘How to Cook and Eat Healthier’ series we produced last year where vegetables were a huge focus.

In addition to last year’s info, over the next four weeks, I’ll be introducing 4 creative and fun new ways to #eatyourveggies because healthy does not have to be boring. (Make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter to get tips right in your inbox!)

I know with the new year, you might be tempted to make some complicated and hard to keep health resolution, but you totally don’t have to do that.

Just make one simple resolution with me: #eatmoreveggies this year, and all your other health wishes will just magically happen.

In 2015, I’ll eat more veggies

As always, we’re here to cheer you on, and you better believe I’m gonna be asking for those emails at the end of 2015!

Have a happy, happy new year!


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