Pulled Pork Cobb Salad (+ a Milestone)

Pulled Pork Cobb Salad

Next week marks a big Cook Smarts milestone. We hired our first new recipe developer to bring some fresh creativity to our meal plans. Don’t worry though, we didn’t invite just anybody to be part of the Cook Smarts family. We’re welcoming the awesome Chung-Ah Rhee of Damn Delicious. She clearly gets simple (but delicious)… Get the full serving >

Farro + Black Beans + Corn

Black Bean, Corn, Farro | 3 Ingredients / 3 Ways | Cook Smarts by Jess Dang

It’s been about four and a half months since I gave my first Cook Smarts cooking lesson. One of our biggest discoveries is regardless of how proficient the client is in the kitchen, meal planning and feeling “stuck” in a rut is pretty much a common problem across the board. It’s not a surprise. We spend… Get the full serving >

The Black Bean + Corn + Farro Chili

Black Bean, Corn, Farro Chili | 3 Ingredients / 3 Ways | Cook Smarts by Jess Dang

Part of our “3 Ingredients / 3 Ways” Series, featuring: BLACK BEANS + CORN + FARRO Since most of my clients are moms, I get a lot of requests for simple, healthy, and kid-friendly meals. One ingredient that just about every mom and kid can agree on is the rotisserie chicken. It’s tasty and pre-made, and… Get the full serving >

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