Cook Smarts meal plans changed the lives of these happy members

  • "Your wisdom has helped me become more confident in the kitchen, experiment with leftover ingredients so I'm less wasteful, and have more fun playing while I cook."

    Andrea T.
  • "Our lives have changed. Your website is a thing of beauty - so easy to navigate and make changes... The recipes are not time consuming, but the depth of flavor is wonderful... And we are all healthier and happier each night because of this service. It is truly life changing and you have a life-long customer."

    Kate P.
  • “I had been doing a meal delivery service, but there were never leftovers & it was expensive. With Cook Smarts, you can scale up serving sizes & use the grocery list to keep costs down.”

    Laura C.
  • "I’ve just purchased a subscription to Cook Smarts and I can’t tell you how much I’m enjoying things. The different recipes, the help with shopping, not throwing things out because my random shopping purchase has disappeared to the bottom of the fridge. It’s the best cooking investment I think I’ve ever made."

    Brett C.
  • “I love Cook Smarts because I don’t want to make decisions -- I just want to make dinner!”

    Molly S.
  • "Thanks Cook Smarts for showing me how to combine simple ingredients to make awesome dishes. The variety of herbs and flavorings in your recipes has given me the courage to step out of my comfort zone and try new things."

    Lucie B.

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