We believe good nutrition starts with cooking real food. But before learning how to cook and eat healthier, it’s important to find out the benefits of healthy eating, the meaning of real food, and overall, the importance of cooking.

Good Health Starts with Cooking Real Food

We all know that “healthy” means “good for you,” but that doesn’t stop us from asking ourselves, “Why should we eat healthy?”

While each person may have his or her own personal reasons for eating healthy, you can’t deny these benefits of healthy eating:

  • Improved health – keeps your blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels in check.
  • Fuels your brain to have energy to work and be productive.
  • You can take control of your health and your weight.
  • You can feel good overall. When you do things that are good for you, you feel good about the choices you make, and it’s the same with the food that you choose to put in your body. If you feel good, then you’ll have a positive outlook on life as well!

Keep in mind that healthy does not have to mean boring and bland, though. There are many ways to enjoy flavorful, delicious food and still eat healthy at the same time. Since we’re all about cooking smarter and eating healthier, we’ve come up with many fun and tasty ways to look forward to healthy eating.

Before we begin with all the fun ways to cook and eat healthier, we believe that health starts with cooking real food, which means simple, wholesome, nourishing, and unprocessed food. Once you start with real food as your ingredients, you’ll be on your way to cooking healthy in no time!

To help you out with ways on how to eat healthier and to grow your nutrition smarts, Kath Younger, Registered Dietitian, answers 10 of the most common nutrition questions we receive here.

Health fads come and go, but the skills to cook will always be with you.

Eating healthy is a great start to living a healthier lifestyle, but cooking healthier is the perfect way to help you maintain this healthy living. Once you learn to cook, you’ll always have this essential life skill.

Cooking helps with healthy eating because you have greater control over what goes into your body. If you start off with real foods and apply cooking skills to them, you’ll be able to enjoy a variety of delicious meals anytime.

Understanding how to cook will allow you to eat the foods that you want to eat. After all, everyone has their preferences, and cooking lets you tailor each dish to your specific needs. No more worrying about how much sugar or salt was in a dish! You can decide for yourself the best way to enjoy your meals.

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