How to Prepare and Cook Tofu the Right Way

  • By Jess Dang
  • September 11, 2014

We’ve heard a lot of complaints about tofu:

  • It’s bland – I can’t make it taste like anything!
  • It always breaks apart when I cook it and ends up all mushy on me
  • The texture is weird

However, if prepared the right way, tofu is a not-too-expensive, healthy vegetarian protein that can be full of flavor and provide the perfect texture to a meal.

Our latest video introduces you to two different types of tofu (hint: it’s all about the packaging) and then shows you how to prepare and cook these two different types of tofu the best way.

To a future of delicious tofu dishes!


How to Prepare Tofu

Learn how to prep and cook tofu the right way with this short video.

Did you learn something new? Be sure to share some of your favorite tofu dishes in the comments. And if you need some ideas to apply your new tofu smarts to, here are a few of our tofu recipes. For even more tofu and vegetarian meals, check out our weekly meal plan service for endless options.


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