Introducing Our “Ingredient Spotlight” Series

  • By Jess Dang
  • January 19, 2012

Here at COOK + SMARTS, we believe in making stars in our kitchen. Some nights it’s about the ensemble, and we cast a whole host of high-performing ingredients that work really well together in our meal, but other nights, it’s all about Meryl Streep . . . or the food equivalent of her star power. In our quest to help the home cook make their lives in the kitchen happier, simpler, and smarter, we want to go beyond recipes. There are already so many blogs and resources that do recipe development and sharing so well. We love them, and are so amazed at the work they do and the delicious food porn they produce. Our mission is a bit different: we want you to go beyond the gawking and drooling with envy and teach you how to become an Oscar winning director in your own kitchen.

Yesterday we posted the first blog entry in our new “Ingredient Spotlight” series on kale. This new series on our blog aims to help you get to know both the under-rated stars you’ve never heard of in your supermarket aisles and new ways to re-cast some old stars that may have lost their luster in your kitchen. In each “Ingredient Spotlight,” we’ll tell you a bit about the ingredient and why we think it’s awesome and a few different ways to prepare it in your kitchen. That way you can keep your grocery shopping list similar from week to week but not get worried about boredom or not being able to finish an ingredient because we’ve given you multiple options. We are also happy to take suggestions for ingredients you want to see spotlighted and also hear about how you’ve casted the ingredients we’ve spotlighted, so please do share.

(Can you tell we’re just a bit excited for Oscars season?!?)


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