Cook Smarts Meal Plan Service Has a New Feature!

Your time in the kitchen is about to get a whole lot more fun and rewarding! You already know that cooking is one of the best ways to save money and always have healthy food to eat. But now it’s easier than ever to see all your Cook Smarts accomplishments with the new feature in our weekly meal planner!

  • By Jess Dang
  • July 6, 2021

After months of work and a huge retooling of our database structure, we are excited to launch our new MY WINS feature! It is the biggest product addition since the launch of our service 8 years ago, and I am so excited to give our members the celebration they deserve for the often under-appreciated (but Herculean!) task of cooking dinner.

See All the Meals You’ve Made

This first section gives you a breakdown of the meals you’ve made broken down by diet type. 

Next we have a calendar view, highlighting all the days that you’ve cooked. You can also see it in list form if you want to see the actual meals you cooked by date. There are also notes by the calendar calling out any special achievements!

See What Levels You’ve Earned

The Level Up section is where we display your ribbons and badges. You can see:

  1. The Meals Made level that you’re on, plus the next level you can achieve.
  2. Your Weekly Streak — any week where you’ve cooked at least one meal counts towards your streak
  3. Your Weekly Meal Prep Streak — any time you check off a weekend prep task counts towards your meal prep streak
  4. Your Years with Cook Smarts
  5. Money Saved — how much money you’re saving on food from cooking! We assume that you save on average $10 / serving by cooking versus takeout
  6. Your Biggest Wins — includes your longest cooking streak and which month you made the most meals
  7. Ratings & Reviews — a link to all the meals you’ve given 5 or 4 stars to so you can easily access your favorites and re-add them to the current week’s meal plan
  8. Your Specialty Badges — more on that below!

Earn Specialty Badges

Right now we have 5 different specialty badges with more on the way. You can earn these badges over and over again so shoot for the stars!

Some Helpful Notes

1. I Made This!

To make sure that we don’t miss a chance to celebrate all of your kitchen achievements, check the “I MADE THIS” button after every meal made.

2. Meal-Made Credits

You likely have a few favorite meals you make over and over again. We’ve updated our database structure so that you can earn a “meal-made credit” each time you remake a meal, which was not possible before. However, to make sure that it’s recorded, it needs to be added to a weekly menu for us to properly count it and for you to find the “I Made This” button for it each time you remake it. If that’s confusing at all, I hope the short video below helps.

We can’t wait for you to have endless kitchen wins, and we want to be there with you for all of them!


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