Celebrating 4 Years with Our Team

Celebrate 4 years with us and learn more about the team behind the meal plans!

  • By Jess Dang
  • May 9, 2017

Last week, our meal plan service turned 4 and we’ve been celebrating this milestone with a sale.

Today’s the LAST DAY to enjoy 25% off all meal plan subscriptions and gifts with code 4YEARS.

It’s been an incredible privilege to be a part of so many of our members’ #CookingFirsts. Some of our members have been with us since day 1 in May of 2013 when I was the sole person creating, photographing, inputting, proofreading and customer servicing every meal plan, week after week.

It was a crazy, sleepless time, and I’m so happy that the Cook Smarts Team is not just me working solo anymore. Over these last 4 years, I’ve been lucky enough to bring on 4 other amazing team members who have put so much heart in creating the best product and experience they can for this community.

To take a walk down memory lane and to celebrate our wonderful team, our very talented graphics designer Shannon helped us create this infographic:


Meet the Cook Smarts Team

Celebrate 4 years of Cook Smarts with a walk down memory lane and fun facts about the team behind the meal plans.

If you’re interested in joining our team, we don’t have any job openings right not but hope to add a new member some time this year. Leave us your info here so we can keep it on file!

Fun Facts About the Cook Smarts Team

Jess Dang | Marketing

Started Cook Smarts: January, 2012
Launched meal plan service: May, 2013
Before Cook Smarts: I spent 7 years in the corporate world building Excel models and Power Point decks. My work brought me to Japan, the UK, the Netherlands, the UAE, Tanzania, Rwanda and Singapore. I made sure to eat very well on all those trips.
Best part of the job: That even on the rougher days, I still think that I have the best job in the world.

Jen Gilbert | Development

Built the app: November, 2012 through May, 2013
Joined the team: July, 2016
Before Cook Smarts: I had quit my editorial job in order to learn to code, something I had wanted to do since I was a teenager who chickened out of majoring in computer science. So I was spending a lot of time at coding workshops and classes, which is how I happened to meet Jess in the first place. (Fun fact: At 36, I am now majoring in computer science. Better late than never?)
Best part of the job: I love knowing that I’m offering technical skills to a small company. My parents each are sole proprietors, so I grew up understanding the challenges of trying to compete in a corporate world. Programming skills are in high demand, especially in the Bay Area, but it can be hard to find a company that feels meaningful to be a part of. My parents succeeded because they truly cared, and Cook Smarts has that same spirit. Sometimes I read the testimonials on our Facebook page and feel proud that I’ve helped build a product that makes people’s lives better, especially fellow women who are juggling priorities in a way I can relate to.

Jackie Sun | Social Media & Content

Joined the team: February, 2014
Before Cook Smarts: I was a pastry cook.
Best part of the job: I love being a part of and interacting with the Cook Smarts community. It really fuels me to see our Kitchen Heroes so excited about the meal plans, about learning and trying new things, and always helping each other out. Their stories are so inspiring. I end every work day feeling great about the work I do, knowing that what we do helps people and has made a big difference to many people’s lives.

Sarah Byun | Kitchen Happiness

Joined the team: May, 2015
Before Cook Smarts: I was a stay-at-home mom (and still am!). Before having kids, I worked on Capitol Hill and managed political communications for a medical society.
Best part of the job: No two days are the same, and it’s especially fun helping new subscribers learn how to get the most out of Cook Smarts.

Jess Smith | Meal Plans

Joined the team: March, 2015
Before Cook Smarts: I started my career in public policy first with the U.S. Department of Education in Washington, D.C. and then with the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok, Thailand while working for the State Department. When not at my day job, I was building a food blog called Inquiring Chef. Cooking and recipe development have been my lifelong passions.
Best part of the job: The best part of my job is interacting with the Cook Smarts community – I love the Kitchen Heroes Facebook Page! Every day I am learning and growing thanks to feedback from the awesome and inspirational members of this community.

Thank you for celebrating with us!
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