The Winding Path to Building a Small Business

The path to building a small business is a winding one, and Jackie has been on the ground floor for more than one successful enterprise. Learn about the insights she’s picked up along the way!

  • By Jess Dang
  • August 6, 2020

Jackie Sun has been one of the greatest blessings to Cook Smarts. She was the first person I hired and took me from a one-woman show to a two-woman show. Not only has she proved herself to be an integral part of the team, but she is such a gentle, caring soul, and has made me a better person over the years we’ve worked together.

In today’s episode, we’re getting to know this multi-talented lady and also taking a walk down memory lane. I cannot believe that Jackie has been working with me for 7 years — time absolutely flies! These are among the many stories you’ll get to hear today:

  1. How Jackie became a pastry chef and how she made the transition to working for Cook Smarts and learned an entirely new set of skills
  2. All the different hats she’s worn over the years at Cook Smarts and what she loves doing most now
  3. How working at Cook Smarts has helped her start her own company Wondershins
  4. How she meal plans and cooks for a household with different diets

If you love getting a behind-the-scenes peek at building a small business and love a transformation story, then this podcast episode is for you!


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Links mentioned in this episode

  1. Wondershins on Etsy and Instagram
  2. How to Buy Two Weeks of Food When You Don’t Want to Meal Plan blog post

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