Refrigerator Organization Tip: The Partially Used Bin

One of our favorite fridge organization ideas also happens to be super simple! Here we’ll share a fantastic use for refrigerator organizer bins that will help anyone interested in reducing waste and, as a result, saving on food.

  • By Jess Dang
  • April 19, 2022

I shared this refrigerator organization tip on Instagram a while back, and it got a whole lot of love, so I’m making sure you, *my dear blog reader*, know about it too.

Just in time for Earth Day, this is one of my favorite tips for reducing food waste. One of the most important sections of my fridge is the “partially used” bin. (If you don’t have refrigerator organizer bins, I created this video about why you need them!)

The partially used bin is the location where I corral all those things that, as the name suggests, have been partially used. It makes them easier to find later and also helps me note to use these items sooner rather than later to prevent spoiling. 

Some items that you’ll find in my partially used bin are: lemon, lime, and onion halves, partially eaten avocados and bell peppers, an unfinished jar of tomato sauce, and egg whites or egg yolks (depending on what the recipe called for). 

I put the bin front and center in my fridge, and I’ve gotten used to checking there before I slice open a new avocado or when I’m making an omelet. It has been a huge help in putting a small dent in our food waste and ultimately, saving on food. (Check out our Produce Shelf Life & Storage Guide for additional tips.)

I am a huge fan of bins for refrigerator organization (again, this video tells you why), but this bin is my favorite — just don’t put it in the dishwasher; for some reason, they melt! 

We do not need our fridges to look like the unrealistically organized ones we see on Instagram. I don’t think those people cook — just snack and drink kombucha (#notjudgingatall).

But refrigerator organizer bins really do help make our fridges more functional, and in my argument for the partially used bin, it can save a bit of waste and make you feel more resourceful too! (To reduce non-food waste, see our article 12 Ways to Use Less Plastic Each Day.)

To smarter fridges, without all having to go buy smart fridges!

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