“Just Like a Mobile App” Shortcut & More New Features

Improving our customers’ experience has always been one of our main priorities, and we’re so excited to announce our new “just like a mobile” app shortcut and more new features below!

  • By Jess Dang
  • June 19, 2020

1. “Just Like a Mobile App” Shortcut

Over the years, we’ve had many members request that we build a native mobile app for our meal plan service. While we love pleasing our members, we always have to balance improvements against being a lean, small business. Building and maintaining a mobile app on two different platforms and app stores requires significant investment, but luckily we recently found a win-win situation.

We’ve updated our web-app so that you can easily add a shortcut to your mobile phone and enjoy our meal plan service as a mobile app without the pesky updates or notifications. Follow the directions here for iOS or Android on your mobile phone and experience a whole new level of convenience! 

2. Cooking Method Selector

We’ve always tried to accommodate different cooking methods for certain recipes, like including slow cooker and non-slow cooker directions. However, that can create pretty long and wordy recipe steps. So for recipes starting the week of 6/22/20 that have more than 1 cooking method (ex. Grilled vs. Stovetop), you can now select your preferred method and steps will be updated accordingly so you have fewer steps and less text to sort through.

3. Improved Reviews

You can now easily filter reviews and see average ratings by diet type (original, gluten-free, paleo, or vegetarian) and also upvote helpful reviews. Please do remember to leave ratings and reviews for meals as we do use those as input for future meals.


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