How to Maximize Flavor and Create Delicious Meals, Every Time

How to maximize flavor and create delicious meals every time you cook by @cooksmarts

We’ve all experienced this not-so-great cooking situation: you spend a ton of time following a recipe, creating a meal, and the end result is bland and boring.

Over the years, we’ve picked up quite a few tricks to make sure we never end up in this situation. Even if a recipe has left a lot to be desired in the taste department, there are so many simple things you can do to turn a meal from ‘meh’ to ‘hot dang!’

In the next few weeks, we’re going to cover a lot of flavor territory in our latest Cook Smarts 101 series: How to Maximize Flavor and Create Delicious Meals Every Time You Cook.

I’m so excited about this series, because having the confidence and smarts to flavor your cooking means you’ll never have to settle for a bland dish ever again.

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