10 (+1!) Colorful Holiday Gifts for the Home Cook

  • By Jess Dang
  • December 10, 2013

Cook Smarts' Colorful 2013 Holiday Gift Guide

I believe that a colorful kitchen is so much more fun, so for our first ever holiday gift guide, I’ve put together a list of the most colorful items I could find.

Stocking Stuffers

#1. Set of 3 OXO peelers, $15:
I couldn’t help picking up this colorful set when I lost my trusty old black OXO peeler earlier this year. The green is a normal Y-peeler, the red gives you a nice serrated cut, and the orange grates ingredients (perfect for making slaws).

#2. Food Huggers, $19:
I loved the idea of this product so much that I backed their Kickstarter earlier this year. You can use these to ‘hug’ unfinished ingredients. Reduce food waste and smile every time you open your fridge. I’ve already been using mine everyday.

#3. Pan scapers, $4:
These are an inexpensive stocking stuffer that’ll make any clean-up job easier. It scrapes up bits from pots and pans with ease.

#4. Magnetic measuring spoons, $9:
These measuring spoons nest and stack nicely. Best of all, they’re magnetic so they’ll stay together and keep your kitchen drawers a lot more organized.

#5. High-carbon fuschia chef’s knife, $12.50:
This carbon and stainless steel knife is light, sharp, and colorful! Best of all, the price can’t be beat. Bring a punch of color into everyday prep.

Splurge Gifts

#6. Immersion blender, $35:
I love my stick blender, and find it so convenient for pureeing soup and making sauces and smoothies. There’s more than 10 colors to choose from so you can pick a different one for everyone on your list.

#7. Le Creuset bakers, $52:
Save yourself from extra dishes. These beautiful bakers can go from the oven straight to your table. I use these for any casserole I’m making.

#8. Heath serving dish, $98:
I registered at Heath Ceramics when I got married because they make beautifully crafted dinnerware and serving dishes. We got this dish as a gift, and I love that like the Le Creusets, it also goes from oven to table (and to the fridge). Plus you can flip the lid over and use it as a cake stand!

#9. Lodge Dutch oven, $85:
Dutch ovens are great for cooking because they hold and retain incredibly well, which actually will save you in cooking time and energy costs. Plus this colorful pot will give a pop of color to your countertop when it’s not being used.

#10. Bodum knife block, $70:
Your knives are your most important kitchen tools, so treat them well. This knife block provides both decor and utility.

#11. Our meal plans, starts at $21:
Eating the rainbow (i.e., eating foods of every color) is a great way to keep healthy. Our meal plans make a great gift and will help all the home cooks in your life get out of their dinner rut, learn to cook, and eat healthier all through 2014. From now through Sunday, 12/15, use code “GIVE20” and get 20% off. It also applies to subscriptions for you too!

Give color and health with Cook Smarts' meal plans

Let us know what you’re wishing for this holiday season in the comments!

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