A meal plan service that helps you cook with ease and confidence

Cook Dinner with Confidence and Ease

We get that cooking dinner is no easy task, so we created a meal plan service to make your life in the kitchen happier, simpler, and smarter

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Give the gift of time and dinner memories to a busy loved one

How it works in 3 easy steps

1. Get a new menu every Friday

We create a meal plan with 4 simple, balanced dinners. Every meal comes with a gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian version

2. Customize your grocery list

We believe in flexibility, so you choose the diet versions of the meals you want to cook, and we generate a grocery list

3. Cook with confidence and ease

Whether you’re following along on paper or an iPad, our organized steps make cooking dinner a stress-free experience

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Stress less, cook more, live healthier with the thousands of home cooks in our community

Reviews from our kitchen heroes

And discover more time in your day.

Get 3 meal plans for free. No payment info required.

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and discover a smarter and happier way to cook

We designed our meal plan service to help you

1. Get out of your dinner rut

Discover inspiring new recipes every week that get the whole family excited about dinner

2. Lower your food budget

Head to the store with our 1-click grocery list that helps you shop with purpose and spend less

3. Take control of your health

Choose from gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian options and improve your nutrition knowledge with our data*

4. Take the chaos out of cooking

Follow our organized prepping and cooking steps that make cooking simple and clear for everyone

5. Gain confidence in your skills

Go beyond following recipes and build a solid cooking foundation with our short how-to videos

6. Find your dinner community

Feel supported in the kitchen by our community of kitchen heroes who are always cheering for you

We promise to make the dirty dishes worth it

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