Fruits by Month Guide

Save money and enjoy the most delicious fruits with the help of our Fruits by Month guide, which tells you when your favorite fruits are in their seasonal peak.

  • By Stephany Pando
  • May 11, 2015

You may recall we recently shared our Vegetables by Month chart for you to use as a guide for buying veggies within their seasonal peaks. It is just as beneficial to buy and eat fruits when they are in season, so of course we had to create a Fruits by Month chart, too!

We just wrapped up our Cooking on a Budget series which emphasizes the importance of purchasing produce in season because this is when they are typically the cheapest. They also happen to be the most delicious during these times which is a win-win in our book!

We created this resource because we want to help you enjoy the sweetest and juiciest fruit, which means buying it when it’s in season, so go ahead and download this free infographic below to take with you to the grocery store or to stick on your fridge. You can also purchase it as a card, poster and more from our Shop.

And because we can’t forget about our readers from down under, we also created an Australian version. Take your pick below and start enjoying the best in-season fruits!


Fruits by Month (US)

Enjoy fruits at their peak every month with this Fruits by Month Chart


Fruits by Month (Australia)

Buy fruits at their most delicious and least expensive with this Fruits by Month Chart.

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