Your kids are filled with boundless energy . . .

How do you, as parents, keep them busy and entertained, while still learning and exercising their creativity?

Playtime is essential to the development of kids.
It helps them discover, explore, investigate, imagine and create.

Our Food Activities for Kids will give them the boost they need to do all of the above. We’re making playtime a fun learning experience by incorporating food ingredients and food facts. Your kids will experience a world of color, texture, smell and taste.

Play with Color

Kids grow up learning about the world with their eyes. They naturally gravitate towards colorful and bright things. Some of our foodie games and experiments are filled with color to make your kids’ eyes widen with delight.

Explore Your Surroundings

Our activities for kids take exploration outside typical play zones. We inspire them to learn more about what goes on in the kitchen, discover new ingredients and use their investigative skills.

Discover the Senses

Food and cooking are all about the senses, and we invite you and your kids to get a better understanding of the world of food with games that activate the senses. Our foodie games will provide your kids a tactile experience, an olfactory adventure and so much more.

Raise Your Foodie IQ

Get Ready for Fun-Filled Learning

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