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Receive a delicious meal plan every week. Select the meals you want to make and add any meal from our delicious archives.

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Each meal has a gluten-free, paleo, and vegetarian diet option so you can choose how you want to eat on any given night.

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Customize your grocery list based on your preferences. Save yourself a trip to the store by sending your grocery list to Instacart.

Smart nutrition tools

Log meals to MyFitnessPal, view Weight Watchers points, or dig into the smart nutritional label included with every meal.

We create more than meal plans.
We create happier cooks.

“This week I spent less on three meals of four servings each than I did for half that many servings from [popular meal kits service]. I love that I can scale a meal up or down and that there is great flexibility.”
Elizabeth R.

“I really don’t know where I would be without Cook Smarts! I have learned so much and saved so much time!”
Marye S.

"My husband and I have both gotten healthier using Cook Smarts -- mainly the paleo versions of meals -- over the last 4+ years. He’s lost 128 lbs and I’ve lost 30 lbs."
Jessica J.

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