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- Brodie Meche, Member since January, 2017

"I’ve always had the misconception that a paleo lifestyle was expensive, but Cook Smarts showed me that I can make a full week of paleo meals for the low price of about $60 with just one single trip to the grocery store. Cook Smarts always provides recipes that are packed with flavor and creativity that I look forward to trying out every day."

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"My husband and I have both gotten healthier using Cook Smarts -- mainly the paleo versions of meals -- and exercise over the last 4+ years. He’s lost 128 lbs and I’ve lost 30 lbs."

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"I love that our family is able to curate our menu type by day. We’re trying really hard to stick with Paleo options as our bodies seem healthiest when we fuel them that way. However, the Sausage Orzo bake from this week just looked too good to pass up. Original for Monday and Paleo the rest of the week. Easy peasy!"

Nikki K.

“I had been doing a meal delivery service, but there were never leftovers & it was expensive. With Cook Smarts, you can scale up serving sizes & use the grocery list to keep costs down.”

Laura C.

“I love Cook Smarts because I don’t want to make decisions -- I just want to make dinner!”

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