These Cook Smarts members are enjoying healthy, stress-free mealtimes:

  • “I throw away less food & my grocery bill is so much less!

    Angela P.
  • “Thanks to the recipe archives... I was able to pull together a last-minute pork stir fry lettuce wrap with random ingredients I had on hand. They turned out awesome. I love how invaluable Cook Smarts has become for my family.”

    Sarah K.
  • “I love Cook Smarts because I don’t want to make decisions -- I just want to make dinner!”

    Molly S.
  • “Cook Smarts is teaching me so many new ways to eat vegetables. I was getting bored making them the same way over & over again!”

    Erin C.
  • “It is amazing how much more smoothly dinners go. I also almost make one meal completely ahead, so we start out Monday on the best foot possible. I work long hours, but we still consistently have home cooked meals.”

    Rachel L.
  • “Since starting Cook Smarts I’ve lost 12 lbs. It helps with portion control & curbs my cravings & desire to eat out.”

    Mel N.

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How It Works

Jess Dang founded Cook Smarts & believes that what you feed yourself is the foundation of health. Listen to her explain how our meal planner works for paleo and non-paleo eaters alike!

Step 1

Receive a weekly meal plan with easy, healthy recipes. Customize with gluten-free, paleo & vegetarian options. Add & substitute meals from our recipe archive.

Step 2

Our meal plans include grocery lists so you buy only what you need at the store. Opt for 1-click integration with Instacart for grocery delivery!

Step 3

Make weeknight dinners a breeze. Meal prep & cooking are easy with kitchen tips, video tutorials, prep-ahead cheats & step-by-step instructions.

“It pays for itself (and then some!)” - Angela P.

Pay as little as $6/month. Easy paleo recipes good for your body & your budget!
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