Your Favorite Meals – Week #1 | 4/15/13 Meal Plan

Your Favorite Meals – Week #1 | 4/15/13 Meal Plan

  • By Jess
  • April 11, 2013

It was so fun to see your favorite meals. There were tons to choose from, so the hard part was just picking 12 to get us through the next 3 weeks of free meal plans before we move over to our new paid service. Stay tuned for more news on that soon!

We hope you enjoy this first week of favorites. We’re so glad some of our creations have become weekly standbys in your family’s dinners.

Download this week’s meal plan

Cook Smarts Weekly Meal Planning Menu 4/15/13

Cook Smarts Weekly Meal Plans Menu | 4/15/13 to 4/19/13
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MONDAY: Panko-Crusted Fish Tacos + Red Cabbage Slaw
>>> Get the recipe
>>> Helpful tools: Sheet pans
>>> View this recipe in our meal plan here.

TUESDAY: Butternut Squash, Chickpea, and Kale Curry + Rice
>>> Get the curry recipe
>>> See our trick for making rice
>>> Helpful tools: Dutch oven

WEDNESDAY: Thai-Basil Stir-Fry with Chicken, Eggplant, and Peppers + Rice
>>> See how we always season and tenderize our chicken
>>> Helpful tools: Wok
>>> View this recipe in our meal plan here.

THURSDAY: Turkey Burgers + Mixed Green and Strawberry Salad
>>> Get the turkey burgers recipe
>>> Helpful tools: SkilletSalad spinner
>>> View this recipe in our meal plan here

For every kitchen: stackable measuring spoons, collapsible prep bowls, sharp knife, stable cutting board

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