Stovetop Mac ‘n Cheese with a Secret Ingredient | 3/25/13 Meal Plan

Not gonna lie. This week’s meal plan will rock your socks off, so watch out! Not only is it delicious, but there are some great meal planning takeaways and cook smarts:

  • Fried rice is always better made with day old rice. Just add a bit of oil to help break it up. That’s why we make enough on a Monday for a Tuesday fried rice dish. Rice also freezes well, so make as much as you want really!
  • Have you ever hidden something healthy in mac ‘n cheese? Well, now’s your chance. Our butternut squash and sweet potato soup is the perfect color and consistency to blend right into our cheese
  • And if you remember, always season your proteins with salt & pepper and tenderize away with a fork. Here’s a video to show you how in case you’re wondering

Enjoy this week’s deliciousness!

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Cook Smarts Weekly Meal Plans Menu | 3/25/13 to 3/29/13
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MONDAY: Sesame-Teriyaki Salmon + Sesame-Soy Cucumber Salad + Rice
>>> See our trick for cooking perfect rice
>>> Helpful tools: Baking dish, Liquid measuring cup, Dutch oven

TUESDAY: Beef & Broccoli Stir-Fry + Egg Fried Rice
>>> See how we stir-fry
>>> Helpful tools: Wok

WEDNESDAY: Panko-Breaded Chicken “Nuggets” + Butternut Squash & Sweet Potato Soup
>>> See how we season & tenderize our proteins
>>> Get our chicken nuggets recipe
>>> Helpful tools: Sheet pansDutch oven

THURSDAY: Stovetop Mac ‘n Cheese + Quick Almond Green Beans
>>> Get this simple green bean recipe
>>> Helpful tools: Dutch oven, Microwave-safe steamer

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