Run the World: Make-Ahead Breakfast Sandwiches

Make-Ahead Run the World Breakfast Series: 3 Breakfast Sandwich Recipes via @CookSmarts

We’re now in week 3 of our ‘Make-Ahead Run the World Breakfast’ series. If you’ve missed any of it, so far we’ve given you some great make-ahead breakfast recipes for breakfast burritos and steel cut oatmeal.

With such healthy, filling, and versatile breakfasts under our belts in just a couple of weeks, we’re already experiencing breakfast success!

Success Kid Breakfast Meme via @CookSmarts
This week, we’re covering one of our favorite make-ahead and portable breakfasts – the breakfast sandwich!

There’s something irresistible about breakfast ingredients. Just hearing words like eggs, bacon, ham, or sausage has us ready and eager to place our order. When these wonderful ingredients are joined with cheese, a melange of veggies, and some kind of delicious sauce, they’re made even better.

But the best part is when all of this breakfast goodness is sandwiched between two pieces of bread for one great on-the-go meal.

Run the World Make-Ahead Breakfast Series: Breakfast Sandwiches via @cooksmarts

So yes, we are huge fans of the breakfast sandwich, and if you are too, then you’re in for a treat! We’ve come up with 3 recipes for easy and tasty breakfast sandwiches that you can make at home, so that you’ll always have one of these on-hand to start off your day.

Our versatile breakfast sandwich consists of a simple egg bake that you can make once and split into 12 servings. That means, if you’re sharing (which we highly advise . . . but if you don’t, we won’t judge!), you’ll be ready to grab and go all week long, since all the components are made early in the week and each sandwich is wrapped in individual portions.

We include different ways to customize the sandwich, so even though this free download has 3 recipes, you could actually enjoy this breakfast sandwich in many more ways.

Plus, one serving contains grains, veggies, protein, and dairy, so you’ll be setting your day up for success whenever you eat one of these for breakfast.

Here’s to making your mornings better so you can go off and run your awesome little world!

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