Meal Plan Menu | Week of 5/6/19

Meal Plan Menu | Week of 5/6/19

Get ready for this week’s menu of quick meals that are packed with flavor – from a steakhouse-inspired dinner to cafe-favorite avocado toast!

  • By Brittany Yamamoto-Taylor
  • May 3, 2019

Since everyone could use a little extra time in the week, we made sure that all 4 of these recipes take no more than 30 minutes of active cooking time (and that’s if you don’t do any weekend prep!). That means during any of the ‘passive cook times’ of veggies roasting or meat marinating, you will actually have time to wash the dishes, dive into the next book chapter, check off a few spring cleaning to-do’s, or take some adorable photos of your cat soaking up the sun.

On the menu this week are recipes that elevate classics and send you on flavorful adventures. For the first couple weeknights, we have quick classics that you are sure to love. You can start Monday off strong with Fried Egg Avocado Toast with Za’atar. On Tuesday, you can bring the decadence with blue cheese butter over steak and roasted fingerling potatoes and green beans.

To get you over Hump Day and through to the weekend, you can revel in exciting bursts of flavor. On Wednesday, enjoy a delicious Pork & Asparagus Stir-Fry with a refreshing Coconut Lime Smoothie. To add some adventure into your Thursday night, fall in love with our version of the English favorite Mulligatawny Soup.

Sounds pretty amazing, right? Well, we’re not done yet – below you can learn more about each recipe (including our options for enjoying them vegetarian, gluten-free, or Paleo), get smart meal planning tips, and find suggestions for fantastic leftovers.

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All meals come with gluten-free, Paleo, and vegetarian options, as well as a grocery list and optional weekend prep steps.

On the Menu


Avocado toast is more than a trend – it has become a classic because it just never gets old! Our version creates layers of flavor with creamy avocados, bright lemon juice, and savory za’atar seasoning. Top your toast with a fried egg, and you’ll have a protein-rich vegetarian breakfast, lunch, or dinner on the table in only 30 minutes (including a Butterhead Lettuce Side Salad)!

This Meatless Monday meal is perfect for vegetarians and can be made gluten-free by simply using GF bread. To make this recipe Paleo, swap out the toast for baked sweet potato slices.


This meal’s NY strip steaks are enhanced by a creamy blue cheese butter. Served with a side of roasted fingerling potatoes and green beans, this dinner recipe is simply a classic. And, the great news is that you can freeze the butter for up to a few months, so you can use any extras to spread over sandwiches, veggies for roasting, or mix some into soups for a punch of flavor.

If you follow a gluten-free diet, simply use Tamari when you make the butter. If you are on a Paleo diet, you can make our Garlic Chive Butter and roast parsnips instead of potatoes. If you want to make a vegetarian version of this meal, we have our French Lentils with Blue Cheese Butter and Spinach Salad that’s ready in 45 minutes.


Stir-fry thinly sliced pork chops, asparagus, chives, and a delicious sauce for a super satisfying dinner served over basmati rice. Then cool everything down with our creamy Coconut Lime Smoothie (and keep the recipe on hand for the upcoming hot summer months)!

To make this meal budget-friendly and vegetarian, we simply swap out the pork for tofu. To make this recipe gluten-free, we make the sauce with Tamari instead of soy sauce. To make a Paleo dinner, we tweak a couple ingredients in the sauce and serve the stir-fry over cauliflower rice.


If you have never heard of mulligatawny before, it is a soup with roots in South Indian cuisine, which the English modified and brought back to the UK and Australia. Our version features a unique burst of flavor, thanks to Indian spices and subtle sweet and tart overtones from chopped apples. With hearty potatoes, chopped chicken, and creamy coconut milk, this meal will quickly become a favorite – which is great since it can be made ahead of time and also freezes really well!

This gluten-free recipe is easy to make vegetarian by swapping the chicken for chickpeas. To make the soup Paleo, nix the yogurt and use Wednesday’s leftover cauliflower rice instead of basmati.

Smart meal planning ideas come with every weekly menu. The smarts listed below are only a portion of the meal prep tips we include to help you make the most of your ingredients and your time. Join our community to get the full benefits of our meal plan service every day!

Meal Planning Smarts


  • Chives – Since these little herbs pack a big punch, it’s common to have at least half of your bundle go to waste because a recipe only calls for a small amount. We’re excited to reduce that food waste (and money waste!) by having chives flavor salad dressing, roasted vegetables, compound butter, and stir-fry this week.
  • Coconut milk – Having part of a can leftover is always annoying, so we make sure you can easily use it all up by letting it add creamy flavor to a smoothie and soup, both in the same week!
  • Blue cheese – Tangy, salty blue cheese adds a unique flavor to meals on Monday and Tuesday this week. You can always swap with goat cheese or feta if the intensity of blue cheese isn’t your thing.

Ingredient notes:

  • Za’atar – We’ve used this spice blend in the past, so if you have it in your pantry, let it add a unique depth of flavor to Monday’s avocado toast. If you aren’t familiar with za’atar, it is an ancient Middle Eastern spice blend of herbs, sumac, and sesame seeds. You can buy it here or mix equal parts of thyme, oregano, and sesame seeds for a similar flavor.


  • If you increase the amount of steak called for in Tuesday’s dinner, you’ll have enough leftovers to thinly slice for juicy steak sandwiches. Smear with leftover blue cheese butter, and it’s like taking a steakhouse dinner on the go!
  • It’s super easy to use leftover eggs, asparagus, and thinly sliced potatoes from 3 of this week’s meals to create a delicious spring frittata.

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